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Fracture, Valorant's seventh map brings players to the Mirror Earth Kingdom

Valorant is getting a new map in Episode 3 Act 2, called Fracture. With its mirrored design and unique mechanics, it looks like one of the most game-changing yet.
Fracture, Valorant's seventh map brings players to the Mirror Earth Kingdom

Players have been left waiting slightly later than longer for Episode 3 Act 2, a wait that is almost over and one which will end with players getting to jump into one of the game's most interesting maps yet.

The developers have made much of each map bringing a new element to the table and in what will be the game's seventh map, the developers have introduced a number of mechanics that will make it play very different from what has come before.

First up is the mirrored design, the map has an 'H' shape and more interestingly again, attackers start at both sides of the map, with the defenders positioned in the middle.

Fracture Valorant map
Fracture offers up a 'H' shaped design with attackers starting at either side. (Picture: Riot Games)

That design choice also influenced the map both narratively and aesthetically with this being the first map that furthers the Mirror Earth Kingdom story that has been glimpsed with the release of the Forsaken, Sovereign and Tethered Realms skin collections.

Valorant Tethered realms mirror earth kingdom
Players have already seen elements of the Mirror Earth Kingdom in some of the game's premium skin collections. (Picture: Riot Games)

Players will learn more about what this means, tying in with the previously released Duality short, with Fracture being the result of a "covert experiment gone wrong" leaving two timelines in the same world.

Fracture has both lush and arid biomes. (Picture: Riot Games)

Valorant's Lead Artist, Brian Lim explains more:

"Fracture is a special map from a design standpoint, but we also wanted to push unique solutions on the visual side. By having two distinct sides, this allows visually interesting storytelling by prompting players to question the events that took place and the radical results that ensued. It also provides clear player orientation from a visual and callout perspective."

Valorant episode 3 act 2 fracture map
The arid end of Fracture. (Picture: Riot Games)

"This collision of worlds is represented by two distinct biomes, offering up enough diversity between the two mirrored locations to help with in-game callouts."

The map also features zip wires as seen in Split and Icebox, including two that run underneath the map connecting the two attackers' spawns.

Fracture zipwires
Zip wires run underneath the map. (Picture: Riot Games)

The map will also further push the game's narrative through a series of interactive objects that will further tell the story of Valorant and its Agents.

"This map plays a KEY role in the linear timeline of the conflict taking place between our Earth and this mysterious 'other earth' that is sending their own VALORANT Agents.  As such we've invested in environmental and visual storytelling to help inquisitive players more fully unravel the mysterious conflict taking place," said Creative Director, David Nottingham.

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2, alongside the Fracture map, will release on 9th September.

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Header image via HLTV / VCT.