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How long does it take to complete the Valorant battle pass? Riot say 100 hours

They also revealed more information about the battle pass.
How long does it take to complete the Valorant battle pass? Riot say 100 hours

Valorant is officially released and with it the obligatory battle pass. Named Episode 1: Ignition the battle pass has 50 tiers, with twelve weapon skins to unlock, as well as a number of gun buddies, player cards and other cosmetics.

This had got some wondering how long it would take to unlock all this gear, with one analytical Reddit user, by the name Jibbly_Ahlers, crunching the numbers and working out that it would take at least 175 hours to complete.


Valorant battle pass how long does it take to unlock? Valorant battle pass
The Ignition Battle Pass has a paid for a free path. (Picture: Riot Games)


It was an effort that prompted the devs to provide further information for how the pass works, before suggesting it would take 100 hours to complete the battle pass, with the gap between the OP's number and Riot's explained by the way weekly challenges will work.

"Weekly XP's also scale up in every week to smooth out the experience curves," explained one dev. "The first set of weeklies offer 28,350 total XP and the last set of weeklies offer 60,750 total XP. This will help make sure that you're still able to progress through levels at a healthy clip towards the tail end of a battle pass."

So essentially with each passing week, you will have the opportunity to earn more XP than the last. 

The devs also confirmed that you can complete your weekly challenges at any time.

"We want players to always have an opportunity for the large chunks of XP for their passes no matter when they join, assuming they can finish the weekly sets."

With this new information, the original poster crunched the numbers again and laid out just how much grinding players will need to do to unlock the complete battle pass and even included a spreadsheet that anyone can use that calculates how far you will get based on time played and challenges completed.


Valorant spreadsheet battle pass calculator 100 hours how long does it take to complete battle pass
Apparently this spreadsheet can tell you how much of your life you won't get back. (Picture: Jibbly_Ahlers)


Working out that you will need to earn 1,327,000 XP to reach tier 50, and with Riot confirming that each battle pass or "Act" will run for roughly 2 months, meaning players will need to earn 171,500 XP a week.

So armed with the new data the numbers were crunched again and it was revealed that players will have to play 23 games of unrated a week, which represents a total of 17 hours of Valorant.

This also assumes you don't miss a single daily or weekly challenge.

Even with the revised numbers, the realisation of how long it would take shocked many.

"100 hours in 2 months is still too much imo..." said one reply. "This is a way to make us buy levels with real money to my humble opinion. [sic]"

Another echoed those comments, "Well, if that's their plan I guess my plan will have to shift to not buying the pass again, sadly.

"Hopefully the whales keep the economy flowing because it won't be me, that's for sure."

Whales refer to players who spend a great deal on cosmetics and other additional in-game purchases.

The length of time isn't the only issue that that has drawn the ire of some of the player base in regards to the battle pass, with many disappointed that completing it doesn't reward the player with any Valorant Points, and thus giving them, if not outright access, at least a discount for the next battle pass.


Valorant points how to unlock all tiers in ignition battle pass how much does it cost?
The pricing structure of cosmetics has been a cause for concern for many players. (Picture: Riot Games)


As it stands the battle pass only rewards Radiante points, a separate currency that can be used to upgrade certain weapon skins.

The battle pass costs, 1000 Valorant points which are around £10/$10 (nice exchange rate there).

Players who are unwilling to invest the time to unlock the 50 tiers can buy tiers at a cost of 300 VP per tier, unlocking all 50 tiers would cost a staggering £135.