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Valorant missing rewards - Riot responds to Battle Pass level issues

Riot Games explains they will retroactively provide players with missing Valorant rewards.
Valorant missing rewards - Riot responds to Battle Pass level issues

Valorant hasn't had the smoothest of launches, from emergency server maintenance to the game getting review bombed on Metacritic. Another issue players have been struggling with missing rewards from the Battle Pass.

Levelling the Valorant Battle Pass should take you roughly 100 hours, according to Riot Games. 


Valorant missing Battle Pass rewards

Reddit user Jibbly_Athers found the math doesn't exactly add up and asked Riot Games to clarify the Battle Pass XP required to reach level 50.

Riot has clarified that the weekly mission XP will increase over time, and the developer is working on a fix.



Alongside the Battle Pass XP issue, players are also reporting missing rewards.

When asked if Riot will be able to reward missed XP/skins and character unlocks retroactively, a Riot developer responded on Reddit, saying this would happen, but it would take some time.



Riot further took to the official Valorant Battle Pass support page, providing fans with the following message for Valorant missing rewards: "We are aware of an issue where the Battle Pass is sometimes not granting content. We will be retroactively granting missed rewards!"

At the time of writing, Riot hasn't fixed the issue. There is no telling how long it will take to get those missing Valorant Battle Pass rewards.

It is good to see the developer talking to players, and acknowledging the issues swiftly.


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