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AGDQ raises over $2.75 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation

The first Awesome Games Done Quick marathon held completely online was a resounding success, with amazing speedruns and good vibes that the world desperately needs right now.
AGDQ raises over $2.75 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation

The speedrunning community has made the Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 a huge success, kicking off the year by raising over US$2.7 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the second-largest sum in AGDQ history.

Unlike previous years, 2021's AGDQ, a week-long speedrunning marathon in which hundreds of content creators come together and raise money for charity, had to be held online due to the pandemic.

Moving to an online format allowed for new types of runs, showcases, and content creators to be highlighted. AGDQ 2021 marked the first time a Vtuber had the opportunity to be present in front of over 100,000 viewers, viewers also got a glimpse into what speedrunning VR titles look like with Half-Life: Alyx and a show-stealing demonstration of Beat Saber, the rhythm game that better creates the feeling of being a Jedi than any Star Wars game ever has, getting a spot during the marathon.

Celeste dance pad agdq
Yes, someone played Celeste on a dance pad (Picture: AGDQ)

History was also made during the Sonic block early into AGDQ, as speedrunners, Flying Fox and Zaxon96 pulled off back-to-back world records, a first for the event, doing so in Sonic and Sonic 3:AIR, respectively.

To top the craziness off, there were a handful of runs that were quite simply mind-boggling and had fans on the edge of their sets -- Bubzia speedrunning Super Mario 64 while blindfolded and PeekingBoo's resilience as he powered through Celeste's hardest levels using a dance pad.

super_mario_64You gotta see it to believe it, no pun intended (Picture: AGDQ)

In times in which the world seems to be spiralling out of control, gaming communities coming together to show that videogames can be more than just an indifferent hobby or an escape from reality, that they can also be a force for good and inspire positive changes, is exactly what was needed. 

You can catch all the VODs of Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) 2021 over at their YouTube channel, or by digging through the Twitch archives.