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Indie dev says wearing masks won't get you laid in patch notes

Indie game Domina was review-bombed after devs proselytised its patch notes with anti-mask ideas, claiming it's the reason players can't get laid.
Indie dev says wearing masks won't get you laid in patch notes

Indie game Domina was recently review-bombed after the developer, Dolphin Barn Incorporated, shared anti-mask wearing ideals in the game's latest patch notes. Accordingly, the devs criticised their players for wearing masks and hinted that it's the reason why they can't get laid.

If you don't know, Domina is a "Pixelart gladiator management simulator" released in April 2017. The game deals with mature themes, including having players make ethical decisions around issues like "slavery, injustice, and occasionally normal and abnormal human sexuality."

Domina update tells players not to wear masks; it won't get them laid

domina game patch notes don't wear masks
Domina game patch notes instruct players not to wear masks because it won't get them laid. (Picture: Twitter / Jake Lucky)

According to the Domina v1.3.18 beta patch notes, the developer advised that players take off their f*cking masks. "Next time you're at the grocery store, try showing a woman your face," the dev wrote, adding that players might get a girlfriend this way.

"Be confident, unafraid of the lies [...] Women like confidence. Women don't like dudes who cover their faces in fear. What are you afraid of? Getting laid? Grow up," the developer said.

Well, it seems as though players did not take kindly to the dev's advice, which unironically had the undertone of assuming its players were a bunch of incels and overtone of anti-mask rhetoric.

Shortly after the "anti-mask" patch notes went live, the game's recent Steam reviews tanked, getting review-bombed by hundreds of players. "Won't be playing as the dev has decided he'd rather have politics instead of fun. Wrong place for a manifesto," said one Steam user. 

domina review bombed steam anti-mask
Domina is getting review-bombed over their anti-mask statement. (Picture: Steam)

"Anti-masker devs using their patch notes as a glorified Twitter feed. Embarrassing," wrote another. "Game wasn't bad, but lol, get over yourself, dev. Avoid people who need to inject their irrelevant opinions into everything they do," said a third.

While most of the recent reviews left were directly linked to the developer's anti-mask wearing commentary, the game has also drawn negative criticism for its unspectacular gameplay. 

Naturally, the game's patch notes also became a topic of discussion on Twitter. Users commenting on reporter Jake Lucky's feed were quick to poke fun at the dev, with one user joking, "Took off my mask and had 12 women come up to me instantly."

While it's clear that players have not taken too kindly with the dev's advice, if you can even call it that, others are calling for the developers to be banned on Steam for spreading anti-mask wearing ideologies, especially amid a pandemic.

Notably, the developers have responded to the reviews by mocking "woke mob" reviewers and claiming that their patch notes are merely a suggestion for "courage." Yeah, I don't think so, hey.

Steam has not issued a statement at this time; however, we will endeavour to update you regarding any further developments regarding this story.

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Featured image courtesy of Know Your Meme and Dolphin Barn Incorporated.