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How to level up quickly in Salt and Sacrifice

For players looking to work their way through the initial action, check out this guide detailing how to level up quickly in Salt and Sacrifice.
How to level up quickly in Salt and Sacrifice

Salt and Sacrifice brings another entry to the world of soulslike games, and that means leveling up quickly is as important as ever. Without enough levels in a given area, enemies are sure to squash you without a second thought.

Even going through the game at a normal pace will mean that larger enemies or bosses remain difficult to a degree. One of the best ways to combat this, aside from gearing up or skills, is to quickly earn more levels and scale beyond the base path. Of course, this is going to take some detours into grinding and farming.

Salt and Sacrifice - How to level-up quickly

Salt and Sacrifice mage fight
Fight against mages to earn more Salt. (Picture: Ska Studios)

What drives the level-up process in Salt and Sacrifice is Salt itself. Killing nearly anything will provide a certain amount of Salt that is then stacked on your character. Simply put, to level up quickly, you need to find a route that provides the most economic enemies.

Routes that will give players the most Salt are always ones with checkpoints closer together than normal. Killing low-level enemies isn't exactly the best bet either, but rather a mixture of difficult large enemies and easy enemies.

Bosses will provide the most Salt, but they are finite and they are not the easiest way to earn. They are typically why you would want to level up quickly in the first place, so chasing them should be avoided.

When you find a good route, which should match your level, continue to repeat the area until you have all of the Salt that you need. Of course, as you continue to farm a given route, the Salt will become less and less lucrative. You will instead need to find a new route later in the game that gives out more total Salt. Using items like Salt Pieces as you farm or explore is another great way to increase the overall amount you accrue quickly.

How does the level up process work in Salt and Sacrifice

Salt and Sacrifice boss fight
Taking on bosses will always provide massive chunks of Salt. (Picture: Ska Studios)

If you have played any games that are in the soulslike genre, you know that the level-up process is a bit different than most action-rpg games. The main component of the process is collecting Salt to increase your total levels. But the catch is that any Salt that is collected must be held at all times.

What this also means is that dying with any amount of Salt on you will cause that amount to be dropped. You will have a chance to get the Salt back, but the enemy that absorbed the Salt must be killed. In the case that you die again, you will lose it all.

To actually use your currency to level up, you can't use just any checkpoint like a Dark Souls game. Instead, you must head back to Pardoner's Vale. In this area, you can find the Trifaul Idol, and this is where you can spend all of your Salt.

That's all there is to know about leveling up in Salt and Sacrifice. Best of luck in taking down those tougher enemies!


Featured image courtesy of Ska Studios.