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All new items coming to Wild Rift patch 2.4

The latest dev diary by Riot Games revealed pretty much everything about the upcoming Wild Rift patch 2.4. Here’s the list of new items that will be added to the game.
All new items coming to Wild Rift patch 2.4

Wild Rift patch 2.4 is around the corner, and Riot Games gave us an overview of the next update’s significant changes via their latest dev diary, which is set to bring a number of additions and balance adjustments, including new champions, items and ranked changes

In addition to this, multiple alterations are also being planned for the spectator mode allowing esports events to broadcast Wild Rift matches with new features. 

As we all know, Wild Rift items play a significant role in the game, and that’s why gamers are always eager to know about the new items that are coming along with the new updates. When it comes to patch 2.4, Riot Games has announced the arrival of three new items so far. So without further ado, let’s have a detailed look at the new items coming to the next update.

Wild Rift patch 2.4 - List of new upcoming items

As per the official announcement by Riot, the Wild Rift 2.4 update will add three new items and here is everything you need to know about them.

Solari Charge Blade

Wild Rift patch 2.4 new upcoming items
Solar Charge Blade (Picture: Riot Games)

Solari Charge Blade is a new item for champs that focus their builds around critical strikes. The item’s ability grants a stack of radiance which gives a temporary bonus to the critical rate. With the Radiance buff, you can get up to a 50% critical rate from this item.  Therefore, Solari Chargeblade is one way to get there quickly.

Crystalline Reflector

Wild Rift patch 2.4 new upcoming items
Crystalline Reflector (Picture: Riot Games)

Crystalline Reflector is a top-tier AP and Armor item granting the user mirror shards that reduce incoming physical damage and reflect it at enemies.

Essence Reaver

Wild Rift patch 2.4 new upcoming items
Essence Reaver (Picture: Riot Games)

Finally, Essence Reaver is making its way into Wild Rift to fill the same niche as its PC version. Wild Rift’s Essence Reaver has two passives. The first one restores mana through your attacks, and the other adds extra damage to your abilities based on your critical rate. When combined with the right hero, players will get to weave together non-stop critical strike attacks and high damage abilities. 

There are also some other prominent additions that will be made in Wild Rift patch 2.4, such as a new Wild Pass, champion ban system and so on.

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