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New items are coming to Wild Rift with the Patch 2.2

As part of the changes in the new update, some items will receive a small rework, in addition to introducing some new ones.
New items are coming to Wild Rift with the Patch 2.2

League of Legends: Wild Rift is set to launch in North and South America, and with its release with come the v2.2 patch bringing with it five new champions, new events, QoL changes and the very first Wild Pass and much more.

One of the most radical changes will come on the item side, as new artefacts will be introduced as part of the update, while some others will receive a rework to make them more in line with their PC counterpart.

Frozen Heart

Wild rift v2.2 new items guide
(Picture: Riot Games)

Being one of the items most feared by the Marksmen, this will allow players to invoke an aura that will reduce the attack speed of all nearby enemies.

A very useful tool for multiple tank champions and some supports.

Force of Nature

Wild Rift Force of Nature new items
(Picture: Riot Games)

This item will replace Adaptive Helm as the item of choice against magic damage, allowing more fair play against AP-based siege champions.

This will also give a clearer choice when it comes to item comps against teams based on magic damage, as opposed to the Adaptive Helm.

Sunfire Aegis

Wild Rift new items
(Picture: Riot Games)

Being introduced during the 2021 Season of League of Legends, this item will replace the famous Sunfire Cape. However, this one, unlike the PC version, will not be a mythic item, thus losing some of its new implemented stats, while only retaining its Health and Ability Haste.

It should be noted that the Wild Rift team has evaluated introducing the mythical item system into the game, however, this will not be implemented for now.

Sapphire Crystal and Sheen

As for the Sapphire Crystal, it will now have a new Mana Charge passive, which will allow you to increase your amount of mana passively as you use your abilities.

Wild Rift v2.2 winter approach
(Picture: Riot Games)

With this change, the Sapphire Crystal can now be used to build the Tear of the Goddess, while the Sheen will no longer use this item as part of its crafting, becoming an item that can be purchased directly.


As for this item, from now on it will be possible to apply Grievous Wounds when immobilizing an enemy, giving more damage windows for champions focused on making tanky builds.

Winter’s Approach

Wild Rift Winter approach

(Picture: Riot Games)

Finally, this item will receive a substantial change in terms of its statistics, changing its focus from being an item with Armor effects, to granting a bigger amount of Ability Haste.

This will make champions that depend on this item in their composition have to look for other alternatives to build up within the game, while some others who make good use of their skills with low cooldowns and want to look for a little sustain, can find in this one a better option.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 2.2 will be available starting on 29th March, along with the release of the open beta in the Americas.