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Wild Rift Renekton guide: Best runes, items, tips and more

A guide to play Renekton in Wild Rift, including the best items to use, tips, the best runes to pick and more to make Butcher of the Sands terrifying.
Wild Rift Renekton guide: Best runes, items, tips and more
Since its gradual release in recent weeks, Patch 2.2 has brought us a lot of content within League of Legends: Wild Rift with new exclusive skins, icons, emotes, events, in addition to the debut of Galio, Rengar, Kha'Zix and even Rammus with a long-awaited mini rework. Now, the arrival of the last champion of this patch, coming directly from the arid lands of Shurima and with a spirit of revenge against Nasus, the one he claims was the culprit of the centuries he spent in darkness. Introducing Renekton, the Butcher of the Sands.

Renekton’s active and passive abilities

Wild rift renekton guide best items spells tips gameplay best runes tricks(Picture: Riot Games)

With his passive, Reign of Anger, Renekton's attacks generate Fury. This is enhanced when having low health. The Fury can boost his abilities with additional effects.

Let's move on to his active skills:

  • Cull the Meek: Renekton swings his blade, dealing a moderate amount of damage to all targets around him, and heals an equal small portion of the damage dealt. If he has more than 50 Fury points, its damage and healing are increased.
  • Ruthless Predator: Renekton slashes his target twice, dealing moderate Physical damage and stunning them for 0.75 seconds. If Renekton has more than 50 Fury, he will slash his target three times and destroy the target's damage shields, dealing high physical damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.
  • Slice and Dice: Renekton dashes towards the marked direction, dealing damage to all units in the path. If empowered, Renekton deals bonus damage and reduces the Armor of enemies hit.
  • Ultimate - Dominus: Renekton transforms into the Tyrant, gaining bonus HP and dealing damage to surrounding enemies. While in this form, Renekton periodically gains Fury.

Runes and spells recommended for Renekton

Wild rift renekton guide best items spells tips gameplay best runes tricks(Picture: Riot Games)

Conqueror: Triggers on successful skill combos and trades, dealing bonus damage to affected enemies and increasing her burst damage.

  • Weakness: Increases your team's damage to opponents slowed or with crowd control effects.
  • Hunter - Titan: Grants bonus health and tenacity with unique takedowns.
  • Hunter - Genius: Grants additional ability haste for each unique takedown.

Mostly played in Baron Lane, his summoner spells go hand in hand with his aggressive playstyle, as well as focus on his surprise attacks and great mobility:

  • Flash: This allows you to have more offensive options when entering combat, in addition to serving as an escape tool.
  • Ignite: Use it as a tool to finish off enemies in case they want to escape with low health and to prevent strong healing effects from your enemies.

The best items for Renekton

Wild rift renekton guide best items tips gameplay best runes tricks(Picture: Riot Games)

Renekton’s items will be focused on maximizing his damage stats enough to become a threat for everyone, increase his defensive capabilities and give him more tenacity to being unstoppable against his enemies.

  • Black Cleaver: Grants bonus health and damage, as well as drastically reducing enemy armour with each attack or skill damage.
  • Death’s Dance: Converts a percentage of the damage taken into delayed damage, giving you more room to be in the fight along with his physical omnivampirism.
  • Sterak's Gage: Grants additional health and a passive shield, which gives Renekton an advantage in fights, allowing him to stay in fight longer with a great chance of emerging victorious.
  • Guardian Angel: Its revive effect allows you to fully attack squarely, without risking giving away a kill along the way.

While his key items are well defined, you will have two options to nurture his defence, whether you want to focus on increasing your physical or magical defence, but feel free to combine both types of items for special occasions.

  • Armour: Ninja Tabi with Teleport Enchant, and Randuin’s Omen or Mortal Reminder.
  • Magic Resistance: Mercury Threads with Teleport Enchant, and Spirit Visage or Force of Nature.

Tips for Renekton’s playstyle

Renekton is a melee champion focused on increasing his DPS through his Fury, which gives him a bigger potential for damage in the face of battle, so it is essential that you learn to accumulate it since he depends on it to be able to cast his skills.

Wild rift renekton guide best items tips gameplay best runes tricks(Picture: Riot Games)

From the start, you will want to focus on maximizing his Cull the Meek first, since this gives him better life support as well as being his best source of damage in the game, making him a very fluid champion with good mobility since it even allows him to pass through some walls.

When you start your offensive, try to have your Ruthless Predator at hand, since when you go towards the enemy using Slice and Dice you will want it to be immobilized immediately to take advantage of your siege. Once there, use your Cull the Meek to deal some damage and heal yourself, then walk away again with Slice and Dice.

Wild rift renekton guide best items tips gameplay best runes tricks(Picture: Riot Games)

Always use your Ruthless Predator properly as it can be your escape tool in dangerous situations or even change the direction of a close confrontation, and take advantage of your abilities and healing stats to better clear enemy waves or even be of support against the epic monsters.

Finally, let's talk about Dominus. This one will be more than vital for team fights, so always save it for these situations when you see that you can take the advantage and you find yourself with enough Fury to survive the fight. In case not, always be prepared by hitting minions and jungle monsters.

With this we finish our guide for Kha'Zix the Voidreaver, so don't waste your time more and try it now in the game. Don't forget to check out more champion guides, as well as new updates through our Wild Rift dedicated section.