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Wild Rift Vayne build guide: Best runes, spells, items, tips and tricks, more

Known for being a ruthless monster huntress, the Night Hunter comes to the Rift in search of her long-awaited vengeance. Learn more about Vayne in this champion guide.
Wild Rift Vayne build guide: Best runes, spells, items, tips and tricks, more

League of Legends: Wild Rift is now onto v2.0 and Season 1 of the competitive calendar is just about to start. So it is time to get serious, we have been breaking down each champion showing you how to get the most out of each.

This time, we will talk deeply about one of the most famous champions in the competitive scene, being used masterfully by players like Uzi, in the PC version, and who since her release has remained at the top when it comes to the best marksman champions: Vayne, the Night Hunter.

Vayne: His active and passive skills

Vayne wild rift guide
(Picture: Wada Games)

Her passive ability, Night Hunter, will increase movement speed when advancing towards an enemy champion. Something that is useful in sieges and ambushes.

Let's move on to her active skills:

  • Tumble: Vayne performs a cartwheel in any direction and charges her next attack, which deals bonus damage.
  • Silver Bolts: Its passive effect allows you to deal additional true damage every third basic attack, based on the target's maximum health. When activated, it grants attack speed and temporary healing each time its passive takes effect.
  • Condemn: Vayne fires a large projectile from her crossbow at a target, knocking it backward and dealing damage. If it hits a wall, it will deal additional damage and stun him.
  • Ultimate - Final Hour: Grants increased attack damage, invisibility when using Tumble, and bonus movement speed on its passive. When eliminating an enemy champion, its duration is extended.

Recommended Runes and Spells for Vayne

Vayne is known for being a very versatile pick, thanks to her great mobility and progressive damage as the game advances, giving her an advantage in chasing down heavy opponents and taking them out in seconds. These are her recommended runes:

  • Fleet Footwork: By using basic attacks or abilities, you accumulate energy points. By accumulating 100 points, your next attack will heal you and increase your movement speed.
  • Brutal: Grants bonus attack damage and armour penetration.
  • Spirit Walker: Grants additional health and slow resistance.
  • Hunter - Genius: Grants additional cooldown reduction for each unique takedown.

best runes for Vayne Wild Rift
(Picture: Riot Games)

When used in the bottom lane aggressively, her preferred spells are as follows:

  • Flash: Allows you to have more offensive options to enter combat when used in combination with her Tumble and Condemn.
  • Barrier: By having a very aggressive approach to face enemies with a lot of health, Barrier allows you to stay in the fight for longer, by denying some of the damage taken by enemy abilities.

The best items for Vayne

Vayne best items wild rift
(Picture: Hapx)

Her selection of items is focused on fully exploiting her offensive capabilities, increasing her attack damage, critical damage, armour penetration, as well as giving her durability for confrontations with lifesteal and defensive passives.

  • Blade of the Ruined King: Increases damage and attack speed, plus its passive allows you to inflict additional physical damage on each hit based on the enemy's current health. As a bonus, it allows you to steal your enemy's movement speed.
  • Gluttonous Greaves: Grants omnivampirism, giving you a better chance to survive in fights. We recommend using them with Mercury enchant for crowd control.
  • Phantom Dancer: Her passive grants a shield when the amount of life falls below 35%.
  • Infinity Edge: Increases the chance and damage of critical attacks, dramatically increasing DPS.
  • Guardian Angel: Grants you a second chance thanks to his passive, allowing you to play aggressively when available.

To complete this composition, you can choose between Death’s Dance, for its passive of delayed damage, Mortal Reminder for greater lethality, or the Bloodthirster for greater health regeneration.

Tips for Vayne’s play style

Vayne wild rift tips and tricks
(Picture: Riot Games)

While Vayne is by far one of the best AD champions in the game thanks to her flexibility and scaling, she is also known for being one of the most difficult champions to master, given her quick movement skills and precision attacks.

From the moment you start using it and as you get used to it, you will realize that the most important thing when mastering Vayne will be her positioning since that can determine what will you do with her Tumble, or if there is any wall near the enemy to launch her Condemn thus paralyzing them.

Thanks to her passives, she makes it incredibly difficult for opponents to escape from her once one of her projectiles hits. However, you should always rely on your vision, your amount of health remaining, and whether you have allies or enemies nearby, so that you can handle the siege to your advantage and not give away a kill.

Vayne tips
(Picture: Riot Games)

Your Tumble will be your best tool, as it allows you to enter with everything to attack, dodge enemy abilities, escape from fights, reposition yourself to eliminate minions and epic monsters, etc. It’s vital to learn how to use and launch it, as one wrong step could leave you at a disadvantage.

As for Silver Bolts and Condemn, both will be of great benefit when attacking enemy champions thanks to the exponential damage they grant, in addition to the fact that the latter allows you to immobilize any target on a wall, so you should focus on taking advantage when an enemy is close to these, either to finish them off or to escape.

Finally, we recommend using your Ultimate either in team fights or when you have the advantage in individual fights, to get the most out of it. Vayne is a champion which takes a lot of practice, but as you get better with her, you can easily exploit your opponents and win.