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How To Beat Zhang Liang Boss In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zhang Liang is the first main boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Here's how you can beat him.
How To Beat Zhang Liang Boss In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an action RPG that takes inspiration from the Soulsborne games. Like the latter, the former also has plenty of fearsome boss battles that are challenging and rewarding. 

The first boss you will encounter in Wo Long is Zhang Liang, General of Man. It's arguably one of the most challenging boss battles in the game, more so because it tests your understanding of all the different game mechanics. As such, here are some tips on how to beat Zhang Liang, General of Man. 

Zhang Liang, General of Man boss guide

wo long zhang liang boss guide
There are two parts of the Zhang Liang boss battle. (Picture: Shreyansh / Koei Tecmo)

Before we begin, we would recommend you check out our guide on Wo Long's Spirit mechanic, which also details how deflection and fatal strikes work. 

Every boss in Wo Long has an affinity for an elemental type, whereas it's weak to another one. Zhang Liang does Earth damage, which makes it weak to Lightning damage. However, since it's the first tutorial boss, you can take it out using any of the five Elemental Phases. In our case, we used fire wizardry spells. 

Now, there are two parts to Zhang's battle. Well, one and a half parts, but more on that later. In the first part of the battle, Zhang has two critical blow attacks that you must learn to deflect at all costs. The first is where he does an uppercut attack, and the second is where he lunges toward you and performs a sweeping attack. 

These are both easy to counter; granted you're standing near him. The best way to deal with Zhang in the first half is to not give him any room to attack. Corner him at one of the pillars and rain down a mixture of regular attacks, martial arts abilities, and elemental spells. Using martial arts and spells will reduce his positive and negative Spirit Gauge.

If you're having trouble deflecting or dodging his regular attacks, it's best to guard them. Only try and deflect the critical blows with the big flashy red signals. As mentioned previously, stay close to Zhang so that when you do manage to deflect his critical blow, you can immediately use a Fatal Strike to take down huge chunks of his health. 

wo long zhang boss guide
Deflecting the critical blow will pull Zhang towards you, and you can deal a Fatal Strike. (Picture: Shreyansh / Koei Tecmo)

The second part of this battle is far more aggressive and will kill you instantly if you're not careful. Zhang now has a mutated arm that does wide-range sweeping attacks. Again, do not venture too far from him because his sweeping attacks will take you down easily. 

Zhang only has one critical blow attack in this part of the battle. Here, he will throw his mutated arm toward you. It's quite easy to deflect once you work the timing. Deflecting the critical blow will pull Zhang towards you, and you can deal a Fatal Strike.

His regular sweeping attacks are the ones you should watch out for. He does these two in a row, so keep that in mind. Once you have swept one-fourth of his health bar, Zhang will conjure Earth spikes on the ground. The best way to deal with them is to avoid them altogether. 

Once his health is halfway down, your Divine Beast will be available to use. As soon as you get the notification, activate your Divine Beast, and it will trigger a cutscene and finish the battle.

And that's it! You have successfully defeated your first boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 

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