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Connections #104 Answers & Hints Today September 23

Here are today's Connections answers and hints for groups and words. Updated Daily!
Connections #104 Answers & Hints Today September 23
Today's Connections Answers & Hints. (Picture: The New York Times)

New day brings the new Connections #104 puzzle to solve, and here are the hints and answers for today, September 23.

Connections is a word game by The New York Times, in which you will have a 4x4 grid with a total of 16 words belonging to different categories, and your job is to select four of them relating to each other. There will be a total of four groups (Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple) that you need to find along with their order, which will be represented by a color that will be revealed as you solve the puzzle.

Each day, a new Connections puzzle will be available, and there is only one correct answer to each one of them for everyone. You will get four chances to figure out all the groups, and if you get all of them wrong, you will lose the game, which you don't want. Thus, we have provided today's Connections hints and answers that you can follow to solve the puzzle if you are finding any trouble.

Today's Connections #104 Hints (September 23)

Today's Connections #104 Hints September 23
Today's Connections #104 Hints - September 23. (Picture: The New York Times)

Before moving on to the hints, let's have a look at the words Connections has given us today:


Now, you can have a look at the hints for all of the groups below:

  1. Yellow Group Hint — Benefits of exercise
  2. Green Group Hint — Related to gravity
  3. Blue Group Hint — Related to water
  4. Purple Group Hint — Related to music

Countdown To Next Connections Puzzle #105 (September 24)

If you were able to figure out today's Connections answer using the hints, here is the countdown for the next puzzle to be available. However, keep in mind that the puzzle resets at 12:00 AM every day (local time), and the counter below is for the UTC timezone. We will update this page with the hints and answers for Connections #105 as soon as it becomes available. 

Countdown To Next Connections Puzzle #105 (Sept 24) — UTC
1 days, 04:19:55

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Today's Connections #104 Answers (September 23)

Today's Connections #104 Answers - September 23
Today's Connections #104 Answers - September 23. (Picture: The New York Times)

If you are unable to figure the answers out, you can have a look at today's Connections answers below:

Today's Groups 

  1. Yellow Group — Robust
  2. Green Group — Decline
  3. Blue Group — Water Sources
  4. Purple Group — Women Singers

Today's Answers

  1. Yellow Group Answer — FIT, HEALTHY, SOUND, STRONG
  2. Green Group Answer — DIP, DROP, FALL, SINK
  3. Blue Group Answer — FOUNTAIN, SPRING, TAP, WELL
  4. Purple Group Answer — KEYS, NICKS, SUMMER, SWIFT

Once you enter these, you will get a popup from where you can share your results on social media and brag about your win. 

Previous Connections Answers

If you are in a different timezone and still stuck at the previous day's Connection, you can find its answer below:

September 22

  1. Yellow Group Answer — FLOAT, MALT, SHAKE, SUNDAE
  2. Green Group Answer — CONCRETE, FIRM, SOLID, TANGIBLE
  3. Blue Group Answer — GLASS, OLD, SIGNS, SPLIT
  4. Purple Group Answer — DASH, HOVER, KEY, STAR