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Wordle Answer Today For 6 October: #839 Clues, Hints, Solutions For New York Times Web Game

Searching for the latest Wordle puzzle solution? Find the hints and answer to the popular NY Times word game right here!
Wordle Answer Today For 6 October: #839 Clues, Hints, Solutions For New York Times Web Game

What is the Wordle answer for today, 6 October? If you're looking for a solution or just a bit of help, you've come to the right place. This guide provides the Wordle answer for today, including hints to help you conquer the word game that puzzle enthusiasts worldwide are raving about. Created by software engineer Josh Wardle as a personal project for his girlfriend and himself, Wordle has taken the world by storm. It's an obsession with people sharing their Wordle puzzle solutions across social media, showing off their linguistic prowess.

The Wordle game gives you six attempts to guess a five-letter word daily. So, if you're finding today's Wordle challenging, don't worry! This guide is here to reveal the Wordle solution today!

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When Does Wordle Reset? UK Time Countdown

Wordle resets at midnight local time, no matter your location. Once you've solved the puzzle, a screen will display your all-time guess distribution, total games played, and win percentage. You also have the option to share your Wordle scores on social media by clicking the 'Share' button.

Below is a countdown timer for when the Wordle answer will reset for players in the UK.

Wordle will reset in

How Do You Play Wordle?

The aim of Wordle is to guess a mystery five-letter word in six attempts or fewer. After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the Wordle of the day.

A green letter will indicate you've got the correct letter in the correct location. A yellow letter means you've got the correct letter but in the wrong position. While a grey letter indicates a letter that isn't in the solution. Simple enough, except sometimes you'll rack your brain and not know what word to use next.

For more Wordle hints and to enhance your daily gameplay, check out our guide on "How to Play and Win at Wordle."


Quick Tips For Playing Wordle

We understand you've come to us for the Wordle answer today, but before we get to that, let us give you a few helpful tips first. You might decide that rather than cheating with our solution, you want another run at the Wordle today.

To start off, puzzle editor David Parfitt wrote in The Times that the ideal initial words for Wordle are 'SARED' or 'SALET.' He explained that the letter 'S' is the most common five-letter word starting letter. Alternatively, you can begin with words containing several vowels, such as 'RAISE' or 'TOUCH.'

To increase your chances of winning, it's recommended to avoid using the same letter twice in your first two guesses. You can also try guessing as many letters as possible in your opening attempt. With 26 letters in the alphabet, it's best to use ten letters in your first two guesses to boost your chances of getting the answer before running out of guesses. For instance, if we go with  'RAISE' and 'TOUCH,' that's ten letters crossed off.

If you still need assistance with today's Wordle, then keep reading.

Wordle guess with Sared, Touch and Raise
For your opening guesses, try to use as many different letters as possible

Today's Wordle Hints

The Wordle today is #839, and below is a list of hints to help you answer today's word.

  • The answer contains 2 vowels.
  • The answer is a noun.
  • The word is defined in the dictionary as: "a melodious ringing sound, as produced by striking a bell."
  • The word starts with the letter C.

What Is The Wordle Answer Today?

If you're still having trouble solving today's latest Wordle but don't want to lose your steak, then here it is: the answer to the latest Wordle. Ready for the reveal?

The Wordle answer for October 6 is CHIME.

Input this into the Wordle website to confirm your success. Oh - are you keen on another word challenge? If so, you might like the Binance Crypto WODL or Connections!

List of Previous Wordle Answers

Here are a few previous Wordle answers. While we doubt these will crop up anytime soon, you never know - you might just get lucky.

Click to Expand the List of Previous Wordle Answers

We'll update this daily, but at some point, we'll start removing previous answers.

Date Wordle Answer
6 October 2023 CHIME
5 October 2023 BUNCH
4 October 2023 SPURT
3 October 2023 WHILE
2 October 2023 MERRY
1 October 2023 BERET
30 September 2023 DADDY
29 September 2023 AZURE
28 September 2023 COACH
27 September 2023 SMILE
26 September 2023 LOYAL
25 September 2023 ROCKY
24 September 2023 RIGHT
23 September 2023 CAROL
22 September 2023 BRUSH
21 September 2023 STONE
20 September 2023 SNARE
19 September 2023 CLOSE
18 September 2023 FRANK
17 September 2023 MUSIC
16 September 2023 ANGEL
15 September 2023 EXERT
14 September 2023 RAYON
13 September 2023 CLEAR
12 September 2023 WHISK
11 September 2023 OLDER
10 September 2023 QUOTE
9 September 2023 LUCKY
8 September 2023 ROUSE
7 September 2023 DWELL
6 September 2023 GNASH
5 September 2023 BIRCH
4 September 2023 GIDDY
3 September 2023 AWAIT
2 September 2023 ONION
1 September 2023 SPACE
31 August 2023 BRIDE
30 August 2023 AUDIO
29 August 2023 CAPER
28 August 2023 WRITE
27 August 2023 PEACE
26 August 2023 CHOIR
25 August 2023 OCEAN
24 August 2023 WORDY
23 August 2023 VERVE
22 August 2023 SPICE
21 August 2023 BEACH
20 August 2023 QUEST
19 August 2023 MAGMA
18 August 2023 EXACT
17 August 2023 AMISS
16 August 2023 SCRUB
15 August 2023 INDEX
14 August 2023 SNAKY
13 August 2023 WRATH
12 August 2023 QUICK
11 August 2023 HELLO
10 August 2023 EMPTY
9 August 2023 LOVER
8 August 2023 BULLY
7 August 2023 BROOK
6 August 2023 POLYP
5 August 2023 ANODE
4 August 2023 CHART
3 August 2023 PARTY
2 August 2023 BEGET
1 August 2023 TENTH

And that's everything you need to know about the latest NY Times Wordle answer.

Wordle Answer Today For 6 October: #839 Clues, Hints, Solutions For New York Times Web Game FAQ

How do you play Wordle?

You have six opportunities to identify a hidden five-letter word. The game uses a color system to guide your guesses: a green letter is both correct and correctly placed, a yellow letter is correct but misplaced, and a grey letter is not included in the word at all.

When does Wordle reset?

Wordle resets at midnight local time, regardless of your location.