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New Wordle rules and answers coming from The New York Times

The famous word puzzle game Wordle will have some additional rules added to make the game a bit more difficult.
New Wordle rules and answers coming from The New York Times

Wordle is a puzzle game that took the world by storm. The game is relatively simple, players have to guess what the word of the day is. When you make a word guess, the game will tell you how close you are through colored boxes. Through these hints, you can get closer and closer to the word that you are supposed to aim for.

The game is so popular that there are many different versions of the game available to play online. Although the game is popular, Wordle has not had any major updates to it. But, that has now changed as the New York Times has updated the rules of Wordle.

The Wordle Rule Changes

Wordle Rule Changes
You have six guesses to find the five-letter solution in Wordle. (Picture: New York Times)

The New York Times bought the rights to Wordle early this year. With this purchase, the game has actually been relatively untouched and was still relatively easy to play. But in a recent blog post, the Times has stated that things are changing for Wordle.

Wordle has a new editor and their name is Tracy Bennett. With the addition of an editor, Wordle can now be more dynamic and more difficult to solve.

In the blog post, the NYT stated that all the base rules will remain the same. That means there is no change in gameplay and players can still play Wordle in the same exact way that they always have been. But the answers are now different.

Five-letter words that end in "ES" or "S" will no longer be a viable Wordle solution. That means words like Foxes or Spots can never be an answer. You can still use these words to get yourself to a solution, but they will never be an answer. With that being said, Geese and Fungi will still be answers, although they can be interpreted as plural words.

How Does The Rule Changes Affect The Wordle Gameplay?

Each guess in Wordle can give you hints on what the solution of the day is. (Picture: New York Times)

Overall, the gameplay will remain untouched. You can still use just about any five-letter word to get yourself to the solution of the day. But most plural words will be not the answer for Wordle.

To put it simply, Wordle is now a much harder puzzle to solve. But this also means that the game has more answers that you could possibly come up with instead of focusing on words that end in ES or S. This should prove to be more fun for puzzle solvers around the world.

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Featured image courtesy of New York Times.