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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - All Rest Spot Locations

Rest Spots are a vital element of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3, so it’s essential to know their locations. Here’s every rest spot in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - All Rest Spot Locations

Xenoblade Chronicles 3, one of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch RPG titles, has finally arrived on the market. Similar to the other RPG titles, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features various rest spots where players can restore their health, level up their characters, chat with other players, craft gems and perform many other activities.

However, finding these rest spots in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can be daunting if you’ve not fully explored the map. With that in mind, we’ve put together all the rest spot locations in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, along with how to use them.

All Rest Spot Locations in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 world of Aionios is divided into three central regions, Aetia, Fornis, and Pantelas.

Here is every Rest Spot location in Xenoblade 3 sorted by each region.

Aetia Region

Aetia Region Rest Spots Xenoblade 3
The Markers represent Rest Spots in Aetia. (Picture: Monolith Soft)
  • Colony Gamma Canteen
  • Coolley Pond camp
  • Gura Flava camp
  • Forward Post Camp
  • Hillside Ferronis Hulk

Fornis Region

Fornis Region Rest Spots Xenoblade 3
The Markers represent Rest Spots in Fornis. (Picture: Monolith Soft)
  • Visura Parkland Camp
  • Colony Iota Canteen
  • Bennel Cave Camp
  • Lake Rezzento Camp
  • Colony 4 Barracks
  • Colony 4 Canteen
  • Desert Ferronis Hulk
  • Namba Mound Camp
  • Llyn Nyddwr Camp
  • Colony 30 Canteen
  • Tableland Ferronis Hulk
  • Seilas Terrace Camp

Pentelas Region

Pantelas Region All Rest Spots in Xenoblade 3
The Markers represent Rest Spots in Pantelas. (Picture: Monolith Soft)
  • Old Way Camp
  • Generator Control Room
  • Ruins of Seebu Camp
  • Tower Camp
  • Colony Tau Canteen
  • Engardo Pass Camp
  • Titan Rock Camp
  • Sparkling Pool Camp
  • Clifftop Ferronis Hulk
  • Cascade Ferronis Hulk

How to Use Rest Spots in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade 3 How To Use Rest Spot
Benefits of using Rest Spots in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. (Picture: Nintendo)

Rest Spots can be used for multiple purposes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. To use it, you need to stand close to a rest spot and press A to open the menu. Then you can perform the following tasks.

  • Save – Manually save the game.
  • Level Up – Press the + button on your console to increase your characters’ levels by using the XP. 
  • Rest – Restores the Health.
  • Chat – Talk with other Xenoblade Chronicles 3 players within the game.
  • Craft Gems – Rest Spots can also be used to craft gems that eventually improve your character stats. However, it’s worth noting that this option unlocks once you progress a bit.
  • Clean Clothes. As the name suggests, selecting this option will give you new clothes.

That’s it. Make sure to use these rest spots to your advantage in order to be an efficient hunter in the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

So that’s everything you need to know about the rest spots locations in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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Featured image courtesy of Monolith Soft.