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How To Cook In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Cooking has been a staple feature in RPGs and is also available in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Here’s how to unlock and learn to cook.
How To Cook In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 features an array of activities to keep yourself occupied when not engaging in combat. Akin to most RPGs, the cooking mechanic lets you take a break over a hot meal to rest and, most importantly, recover any health you may have lost during the battle.

Cooking has several beneficial purposes, which you can take advantage of once you can unlock it. This compelling guide will show you how to unlock and best utilize cooking in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Unlock Cooking in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

In the bustling world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the NPC Manana is the local cooking aficionado as she’ll whip up a fantastic meal in no time. Nevertheless, locating her does take some time as you’ll need to reach Chapter 2 of the game’s story for her and her cooking capabilities to be unlocked.

xenoblade chronicles 3 guide cooking how to unlock manana rest spot
Reach the Lake Rezzento Rest Spot to unlock the cooking feature in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. (Picture: YouTube / FP Good Game)

You’ll need to progress through the story until you’ve reached the Fornis region, where you’ll be tasked to travel to Lake Rezzento. Upon arrival, you’ll spot a campsite nearby, which triggers a cutscene, and the cooking NPC, Manana, will greet you.

Before unlocking her services, you’ll need to help her gather a few ingredients she needs to cook for you and your party. These ingredients are Glitter Radishes x2, Comet Carrot x2, and Bunnit Meat x1, but if you have these in your inventory, you can hand them to her.

xenoblade chronicles 3 guide cooking how to unlock ingredients cooking pot icon
After unlocking the Rest Spot, interact with it and select the "pot' icon to begin cooking. (Picture: YouTube / FP Good Game)

Head back to the campsite to interact with it and begin cooking the available dish, Manana’s battle Soup, which grants you an EXP and CP Boost. This campsite will also be available as a resting spot which you can use to rest and recover amongst some of the available options.

How to cook in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

If you wish to apply yourself and learn how to cook, you can do just that at any Rest Spot you’ll encounter, guaranteed you have recipes and ingredients to use. Interact with the Rest Spot and select the “pot” icon to begin cooking.

xenoblade chronicles 3 guide cooking how to unlock cooking interface ui recipe list ingredients
Browse the recipes and select the one you wish to use to produce a meal. (Picture: YouTube / FP Good Game)

Browse through the list of recipes available and select your preferred one and hold the A button to use the ingredients. Once cooked, sit down at the Rest Spot and enjoy the delicious meal and the benefits they provide.

Players can receive, as mentioned, EXP and CP Boosts as well as Enemy Drop Boosts, item and Gold drops, and rewards from defeating enemies in battle. To acquire more recipes, you’ll need to advance through the story chapters and unlock more Rest Spots.

The ingredients can be collected when unlocking containers, using Fabricators, or defeating enemies who’ll drop ingredients. Additionally, you can purchase the cooked dish using Nopon Coins if you’re in a hurry, as each recipe or meal has unique buffs you can gain by viewing it in the top right corner of your screen.

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Featured image courtesy of Nintendo.