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Best Early Game Bow In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Your travels in Hyrule can be made easier by getting the best early-game bow, the Construct Bow, so here's how to get it in Tears of the Kingdom.
Best Early Game Bow In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom boasts extensive weaponry, mainly due to introducing new abilities, allowing Link to fuse materials to forge new weapons. Outside of this, there are some decent weapons to find, including bows, that can be found relatively early in-game.

The Construct Bow, thus far, has proven to be highly viable and accessible to find a weapon as it's primarily a loot drop from a specific group of enemies. As for how to get it precisely, we've explained how to get this weapon and start mastering your archery skills in Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Get The Construct Bow In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Starting your adventures in Hyrule places you at the Great Sky Island as Link embarks on a quest to locate Princess Zelda. After meeting with Rauru, you will be setting off to restore light at the various shrines throughout Hyrule, but you will encounter multiple enemies, so Link needs to be equipped with the best weapon possible.

the legnd of zelda tears of the kingdom weapons guide best early game bow construct bow inventory
One of the earliest bows you can obtain is the Construct Bow, which boasts better durability than the Old Wooden Bow. (Screenshot: Nintendo / Ashleigh Klein)

This includes various bows you may stumble across as the game features many, but some are easier to come by. If you're still adjusting to the game, we have a viable bow that should make the early sections of the game reasonably straightforward to acquire, and this is the Construct Bow.

By far one of the most accessible in-game weapons to acquire, the Construct Bow is a better early-game option than the Old Wooden Bow, based on stats alone. With a base damage of five upon obtaining it, this bow is more suitable to utilize; it also has the benefit of not going up in flames, making it an adequately durable bow.

Especially after getting the Fuse ability which lets you fuse various materials with the arrow to make archery more versatile, it can help light up dark areas, explode enemies on target, or improve its honing ability. The Construct Bow can be dropped by the Captain Constructs, who spawn in multiple locations across the Great Sky Island and aren't easy enemies to defeat.

the legnd of zelda tears of the kingdom weapons guide best early game bow construct bow captain contruct location shrine in isa
Locate the In-isa Shrine south-west of the Great Sky Island, head inside, and complete the tasks to face a Captain Construct. (Screenshot: Nintendo / Ashleigh Klein)

One of the first Captain Constructs you'll find is inside the In-isa Shrine, where you can acquire the Fuse ability, but it will use a fused weapon to thwart you. After defeating the Captain Construct boss, you can pick up a Construct Bow, which will be used later in this shrine to drop down a chest using an arrow fused with a Fire Fruit.

Many more Captain Constructs can be found throughout the Great Sky Island, as they're discovered protecting chests or close to shrines. This makes it easier to gain a Construct Bow, which can be upgraded later on to improve its durability, making this weapon a must-have to hold on to early in the game, and it doesn't hurt that arrows are readily found in crates or next to other Constructs.