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Apex Legends Mobile weapon tier list - All guns ranked

Make the best choice for your next loadout with our tiered list ranking all the guns in Apex Legends Mobile from best to worse.
Apex Legends Mobile weapon tier list - All guns ranked

Apex Legends Mobile brings with it a host of challenges, modes and weapons balance changes and players are in for an engaging experience on mobile as seasonal updates and balance changes roll out. Part of these updates are of course the weapons in the game, and it might make you curious as to which weapons are the best to use.

So today we aim to satisfy that curiosity with our tiered list of all the weapons in Apex Legends Mobile, ranking all the guns from best to worst. And giving you a bit of insight into each weapon and its benefits or drawbacks. 

Apex Legends Mobile All Weapons Tiered List

We have built our tiered list ranking all the weapons from best to worse, by taking into account the weapon's overall performance and current meta. Below is our tier description and how we've ranked the weapons from S tier to D-tier. 

Apex Legends Mobile weapon tier list all wepons ranked seasonal updates and weapons changes take into account
Our Apex Legends Mobile weapons tier list will take into account the balance changes brought to the game recently. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Tier Rank Description

  • S-Tier: These weapons sport the best damage output and are balanced with good control and features. These weapons are seen being used in esports tournaments or being used by competitive ranked players. 

  • A-Tier: Overall good weapons that are considered powerful in the current meta, but arent the most powerful and are likely to not be featured in competitive play.

  • B-Tier: These weapons are in the middle in terms of being okay, but not the best. And have equally valid flaws and weaknesses.

  • C-Tier: Recommended for casual players as these weapons aren't very powerful, and don't offer anything to players wanting average or above performance.

  • D-Tier: Weapons that are almost unplayable and don't offer any performance worth considering, we recommend you avoid these weapons.

Note: Our list is not an exact science and we have tried our best to take into consideration the recent meta, and Apex Legends Mobile updates to put together the most accurate list humanly possible.

S-Tier Weapons - Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile weapon tier list S-tier R-301 Carbine S-tier Assault Rifle weapon
The R-301 Carbine Assault Rifle holds its own at the top of the list being the most balanced weapon on our Apex Legends Mobile tier list. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

With its high damage output and opportunity to be modified to gain a larger magazine size, the R-301 Carbine Assault Rifle remains the top dog of the S-tier category. With its balance of damage, control and capacity, this gun is an excellent all-around choice for any player, regardless of skill. 

  • R-301 Carbine  - Assault rifle

  • VK-47 - Assault rifle

  • Volt SMG - Submachine gun

  • Spitfire - Shotgun

  • Kraber - Sniper rifle

  • G7 Scout - Marksman weapon

  • EVA-8 - Shotgun

A-Tier Weapons - Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile weapon tier list 30-30 Marksman Rifle B-tier weapon
The 30-30 Marksman Rifle has been updated recently, bringing it up to the B-tier, contending with the Triple Take. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

The triple take marksman rifle holds its own in this category with its ability to fire energy ammo and ability to be charged. However, with the new updates to Apex Legends Mobile, the 30-30 Marksman Rifle comes up in the ranks with its charge ability and ability to be buffed to become quite a powerful weapon.

  • Triple take - Marksman weapon

  • Wingman - Pistol

  • Alternator - Submachine gun

  • R-99 - Submachine gun

  • L-Star - Light machine gun

  • 30-30 Marksman Rifle - Marksman weapon

  • Mastiff - Shotgun

B-Tier Weapons - Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile weapon tier list Flatline Assault rifle B tier weapon
The Flatline Assault rifle is a strong contender in the B-tier of our Apex Legends Mobile weapon tier list. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

The Sentinel still holds down the B-tier with its reliability, adequate performance and ease of access, and use for players in the game. The Flatline is also a strong contender for moving up in the ranks with its high accuracy and damage in close range quarters. 

  • Sentinel - Sniper rifle

  • Flatline - Assault rifle

  • Hemlock - Assault rifle

  • Prowler - Submachine gun

  • Longbow - Sniper rifle

C-Tier Weapons - Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile weapon tier list C tier weapons Peacekeeper shotgun
The Peacekeeper shotgun isn't the best weapon on our Apex Legends Mobile weapon tier list but it can do if you're in a desperate spot. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

The pickings from this tier are fairly slim, and shouldn't be your first pick. The RE-45 however, can be a viable choice for close-range combat. The Peacekeeper is also unique in its ability to focus its accuracy when you aim down the sights. 

  • RE-45 - Pistol

  • Charge rifle - Sniper rifle

  • Peacekeeper - Shotgun

  • Devotion - Light machine gun

D-Tier Weapons - Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile weapon tier list D tier weapon Mozambique shotgun
The Mozambique shotgun should not be considered, even in desperate situations. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

These weapons should only be used in desperate times and aren't even worth considering otherwise. The Mozambique shotgun especially has terrible spread, abysmal damage, and a slower fire rate than the P2020, a pistol. 

  • HAVOC - Assault rifle

  • Mozambique - Shotgun

  • P2020  - Pistol


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Featured image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.