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Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 tier list - All Legends ranked from best to worst

Apex Legends Mobile is here, check out all the playable characters ranked from best to worst in the Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 tier list.
Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 tier list - All Legends ranked from best to worst

The new Apex Legends Mobile is finally here and starting strong for its first season. Apex Legends Mobile brings old and new Legends together to compete in the battle royal on your mobile device.

There are already 10 playable Legends in Apex Legends Mobile which gives you a lot of options for gameplay. Every Legend has a unique Passive, Tactical and Ultimate Abilities that can shift the tide of battle in your direction.

Here are all the Apex Legends Mobile characters ranked from best to worst.

  • S Tier: Bloodhound, Gibraltar
  • A Tier: Lifeline, Fade, Wraith
  • B Tier: Caustic, Octane, Pathfinder, Bangalore
  • C Tier: Mirage


Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Bloodhound
Bloodhound is a great character that gives players extra visibility. (Picture: EA / Respawn Entertainment)

Bloodhound is a surveillance expert who can give players the upper edge. With the ability to scan the area and reveal players behind walls, Bloodhound is one of the best characters for controlling the battlefield.

The passive ability for Bloodhound is Tracker which allows the player to see footsteps left behind by other players while his ultimate is Beast of Hunt which grants increased speed and tracking sight.


Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Gabraltar
Gibraltar is well-rounded with both defensive and offensive abilities. (Picture: EA / Respawn Entertainment)

Gibraltar is the best support character currently in Apex Legends Mobile. This character is versatile with a deployable dome shield and an ultimate that drops a painful mortar strike where commanded.


Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Lifeline
Lifeline is perfect for anyone who likes playing a healer. (Picture: EA / Respawn Entertainment)

The Legend Lifeline is great for anyone who loves supporting their teammates. Her passive ability drops her healing drone to revive fallen teammates while she continues to fight and can actively place her drone down to heal her and nearby players. 

Lifeline’s ultimate ability is a huge help since it calls down a Care Package filled with high-tier armor and items.


Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Fade
Rewind your steps with Fade and his Flash Back ability. (Picture: EA / Respawn Entertainment)

An Apex Legends Mobile exclusive character, Fade is true to his name as he fades in and out of battle. Fade gets a small speed boost after sliding from his passive and has the tactical ability called FlashBack that works similar to Wraith’s ability. Players can use Flash Back to phase back to a previous position which is useful for getting out of tight situations or laying out a good sneak attack.

Fade’s ultimate ability is Phase Chamber which is a throwable grenade that puts players. Players caught in the blast of the grenade are placed into a void for a few seconds where they can’t be shot nor can they shoot anyone else, but they can still move around.


Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Wraith
Wraith is a great character for aggressive players. (Picture: EA / Respawn Entertainment)

The snooty and angry Wraith returns for Apex Legends Mobile and holds her own with a passive that warns players when others are targeting them or looking towards them. She can also phase into the void where she can’t be harmed or attacked for a short time while being able to place down two portals that connect as her ultimate.


Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Caustic
Protect you and your teammates with Caustic’s Nox Gas. (Picture: EA / Respawn Entertainment)

For players who like to play defensively, Caustic is the best choice. Caustic can place Nox Gas Traps which explode when players get near them or shoot at them.

Caustic’s ultimate is to throw a Nox Gas Grenade that covers an area with the Nox Gas causing damage and poor visibility. With the passive ability, Nox Vision, Caustic can see enemies that are in the gas with a green outline.


Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Octane
Octane rushes the field in a hurry with his increased speed ability. (Picture: EA / Respawn Entertainment)

Octane is the Legend for you if you enjoy always being on the move while you fight. Octane restores his health over time with his passive giving him 1 Health Point per second. 

His tactical ability is to increase his speed by 30% for 6 seconds but comes at the cost of some of your health. Players using Octane will be able to place a jump pad as their ultimate that launches Octane and other players up into the air.


Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Pathfinder
Pathfinder is good for getting to difficult locations. (Picture: EA / Respawn Entertainment)

The friendly and lovable bot, Pathfinder can get some inside knowledge by scanning survey beacons that are located across the map to reveal where the ring will move before other players. Pathfinder’s tactical ability allows him to grapple hook himself to a location allowing for good maneuverability.

Using Pathfinder’s ultimate places a zipline that he and other players can use to get to difficult-to-reach locations.


Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Bangalore
Cover your tracks with smoke as Bangalore with her Smoke Launcher. (Picture: EA / Respawn Entertainment)

Bangalore is a good Legend for players who think tactically by using their environment. Her passive ability allows players to run 30% faster when they are taking fire while her tactical fires a smoke grenade that blocks visibility for a short time.

Players can rain fire from above with Bangalore’s ultimate Rolling Thunder which drops an artillery strike where commanded.


Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Mirage
Mirage can confuse his opponents with copied images of himself. (Picture: EA / Respawn Entertainment)

The dubious doppelganger Mirage returns in Apex Legends Mobile with the passive ability to turn invisible when using a respawn beacon or reviving another player. Using Mirage’s tactical ability sends out a clone decoy to mislead opponents and his ultimate creates 5 decoy clones while temporarily cloaking Mirage allowing him to slip away and sneak attack.


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Featured image courtesy of EA.