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Apex Legends War Games: Skins, LTMs, rewards, more

The newest Season 8 Apex Legends event is here following a War Games theme. Here’s everything you need to know about the new skins, LTMs, and other rewards involved.
Apex Legends War Games: Skins, LTMs, rewards, more

Apex Legends is now progressing to Season 8, and game developers Respawn Entertainment are keeping things interesting with another themed promotion. As usual, the themed events come packed with exclusive in-game loot including skins, game modes, and heirlooms.

With Season 8 starting to wind down, there’s only a brief window to fit in this new event. And there is already an indication that Mad Maggie will be back on hand for this one.

Apex Legends War Games(Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex War Games update, when is it?

Set to begin on 13th April 2021, at 6 pm BST, the War Games patch should be quick and painless. It’s set to be a server-side update, which means you won’t have to download some big update, it will simply add to your playlists on its own.

The War Games period will last for two weeks, concluding on 27th April 2021. This will almost surely be the last of the campaign, as Season 9 is set to start shortly thereafter.

Remember, this is not a full-on Collection event, just a playlist update to keep things fresh before the end of the season. It’s also another opportunity for Respawn Entertainment to drop more skins and in-game items before the turn of Season 9.


War Games skins and prize tracker rewards

As mentioned, this event is simply a playlist refresh with some added in-game skins and cosmetics. It won’t be loaded with map changes or even an heirloom change, simply items.

The prize track for the War Games event includes five levels, two charms, an epic Rampart skin, an epic 30-30 Repeater skin, a rare Crypto skin, and Caustic stat trackers.

Apex Legends War Games rewards cosmetics (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

War Games LTMs

Five different game modes will be rotating throughout the event on a 48-hour timed period.

  • Second Chance: Get a free respawn (4/13 – 4/15)
  • Ultra Zones: Compete for top loot (4/15 – 4/19)
  • Auto Banners: Automatically retrieve fallen banners (4/19 – 4/21)
  • Killing Time: Round time is reduced whenever a Legend dies. (4/21 – 4/23)
  • Armor Regen: Shield regenerates (4/23 – 4/27)

Remember, this is the last event of Season 8. The conclusion of War Games will surely mark the beginning of Season 9, so don’t wait around to pick up some of these exclusive new items and skins.