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Apex Legends
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Best Round 1 loadouts for Apex Legends Arenas mode

Looking for the best loadouts to start an Apex Legends Arenas match with? We've got five gun combo suggestions to get you started.
In Apex Legends' ninth season, simply entitled Legacy, there's a brand-new Arenas mode for players to enjoy. This mode features an economic system similar to that of CS:GO and Valorant, with a buy phase at the start of each round, and all weapons having different Crafting Material costs. To get off to a good start in a match, you will need to use the best Apex Legends Arenas mode loadouts, spending your initial Materials wisely. In this guide, we will talk about the five best weapon loadouts in Apex Legends' Arenas mode Round 1, featuring different options depending on your playstyle.

Best Apex Legends Arenas loadouts for Round 1

It is important to get a good start in Apex Legends Arenas mode. Think of Round 1 as the pistol round in CS:GO, which can dictate the next few rounds in a match.

In Apex Legends Arenas mode, however, you already have enough resources for a decent weapon loadout heading into Round 1. 

best apex legends arenas loadouts round 1 budget crafting materials(Picture EA)

By picking one of the best weapon loadouts for Apex Legends Arenas mode, you might be able to get more Materials Canisters and kills (granting 75 materials each) to boost your arsenal in subsequent rounds. 

With all this in mind, take a look at the five best weapon loadouts for Apex Legends Arenas mode at the start of Round 1, as well as their Crafting Material costs.

We've taken the balance changes into account for these loadouts.

Best budget loadout

For the best budget loadout to use at the start of an Apex Legends Arenas match, we've chosen the free P2020 pistol, as well as the Havoc assault rifle. 

best apex legends arenas loadouts round 1 budget crafting materials(Picture: EA)

This loadout will only set you back 350 Crafting Materials, allowing you to save 400 for Round 2, or spend some more in Round 1 on healing items, grenades, or even Legend abilities.

With increased recoil controllability in Apex Legends Season 9, the Havoc is a force to be reckoned with, while only costing 350 Crafting Materials.


Best close-range budget loadout

Using the EVA-8 pump-action/automatic shotgun to blast your enemies to bits can be satisfying, especially when you combine it with the P2020 pistol to poke at enemies in Apex Legends Arenas mode Round 1.

best apex legends arenas loadouts round 1 budget crafting materials(Picture: EA)

If you can get up close and personal with the EVA-8, it can ruin a player's day who spent much more on their loadout. Yes, the EVA-8 and the P2020 combo only set you back 250 Crafting Materials and is therefore easily the best close-range budget loadout to use. If you like the Mozambique more, feel free to swap out the P2020, as they are both without any cost.

Best of both worlds loadout

30-30 Repeater and Alternator: Name a more iconic duo? Using the 30-30 Repeater Marksman rifle for mid to long-range fights and swapping to the Alternator SMG to finish off enemies or during close-range firefights might not be the easiest task to complete.

However, using this Round 1 Apex Legends Arenas loadout can be extremely effective, especially since the 30-30 Repeater received some great buffs in Season 9.

best apex legends arenas loadouts round 1 budget crafting materials(Picture: EA)

This is an expensive Apex Legends Arenas Mode loadout, spending all 750 Round 1 Crafting Materials and leaving nothing for items or Legend abilities.

Best shield breaker loadout

If you like bows and you are looking for a relatively expensive but effective shield breaking loadout in Apex Legends Arenas mode, then the combination of the Bocek Bow and Mozambique is the best one to try.

best apex legends arenas loadouts round 1 budget crafting materials(Picture: EA)

This loadout will set you back 600 Crafting Materials. Using the Bocek Bow to break shields at medium-range, then finishing off an enemy with the Mozambique can be very satisfying, after all. 


Classic Devotion loadout

Apex Legends players should be very familiar with the Devotion LMG + RE-45 combo. This loadout is possible in Round 1 of Arenas mode but leaves only 50 Crafting Materials saved or to spend on an item.

best apex legends arenas loadouts round 1 budget crafting materials(Picture: EA)

Keep in mind that the Devotion LMG doesn't come with a Turbocharger in the first round. However, it is still highly effective, especially when paired with the RE-45 Full Auto pistol to finish off enemies.

In Round 1 of Apex Legends Arenas, you will only have 750 Crafting Materials available. Spending these Crafting Materials wisely is the key to success, and you can always purchase some healing items or Legend abilities as well, or save for a bigger buy in the next round.

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