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Bandle Tale Emotions Mechanic Explained: Functions, Emotion Points & Uses

Use the emotions to gain unique experience points and unlock new Skills, as detailed in this guide on the Emotions mechanic for Bandle Tale.
Bandle Tale Emotions Mechanic Explained: Functions, Emotion Points & Uses
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends sets off an adventure of becoming a Master Knitter while throwing amazing parties and saving Bandle City by restoring portals found across the islands. Along their journey, they'll utilize various in-game mechanics that enhance their experiences when performing tasks and quests, like the Emotions mechanic.

This mechanic revolves around their Yordle's feelings when doing activities like crafting, building, and repairing, and, in doing so, they gain Emotion points and help them unlock new skills for their Yordle to use. Get in touch with their emotions as we've explained how this mechanic functions, how to gain Emotion points, and what their best uses are in Bandle Tale.

Bandle Tale Emotions: How It Works & Where To Get Emotion Points?

The Emotions mechanic is one of the few unique gameplay features players will be introduced to fairly early in-game. This mechanic is first introduced to players during The Adventures Begins quest, where they're tasked with repairing a bridge connecting to Darner's Glade as they're informed about how the mechanic functions.

bandle tale mechanics guide emotions how to unlock the adventure begins quest functions how it works
The Emotions mechanic will be introduced to players during The Adventure Begins quest early in-game. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

The Emotions mechanic is represented as purple spheres called Emotion Orbs that appear on the UI top left of the screen as all players begin with three Emotion Orbs. These orbs can be filled when performing tasks or activities that make them feel emotions, and they'll gain Emotion points from doing these tasks.

The more times they fill an orb with Emotion points, the more Skill Points they can earn from full orbs. Players gain a Skill Point per full orb, as these Skill Points are used to acquire or unlock new skills from the Skill Tree, but they must ensure they bank these emotions.

How To Use Emotion Points In Bandle Tale?

Banking these emotions is done through sleeping, for which, at the start of the game, they'll have access to one bed inside Ozzy's knitting backpack in Darner's Glade. They can interact with the bed inside the backpack and select the option to "Dream and Save" to convert the filled Emotion Orbs into Skill Points before being spent on acquiring or unlocking a new skill.

Saving these emotions is vital, especially when all orbs are full, as the excess Emotion points won't be converted to Skill Points and will gain fewer points when doing tasks or completing quests. The reason is that there's a catch with the Emotions mechanic, as doing a task or activity repetitively will prevent players from gaining Emotion points to fill up an orb over time.

bandle tale mechanics guide emotions emotion points how to get earn tasks activities quests how to use
Players can gain Emotions points to fill their orbs by doing tasks like crafting and completing quests. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

Therefore, players should change up their tasks to maximize the amount of Emotion points they earn to fill these orbs. They can gain points from crafting items, building, repairing, and consuming foods, as well as when completing quests and interacting with various sightseeing points found throughout the islands.

If players cannot complete any tasks, their Yordle will inform them that all Emotion Orbs are full and they must sleep to save them to gain Skill Points. In turn, overflowing orbs will see them earn fewer Emotion points when performing tasks or completing quests, so they must save the Emotion Orbs at every opportunity.

As of writing, crafting and repairing are the quickest ways players can gain Emotion points to fill up the Emotion Orbs. Once they've progressed further in-game, they will be able to cook, build, and eat food items, for which unique strategies will come into play when banking these orbs to get Skill Points and unlock new skills faster.