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Bandle Tale Crafting: How To Craft Rope & Get Yarn

Rope is one of the few items players can craft if they have the right materials and a workstation, which we've detailed in this guide for Bandle Tale
Bandle Tale Crafting: How To Craft Rope & Get Yarn
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story is positioned as a crafting RPG and, as such, will need to craft a variety of items to help complete quest objectives or when engaging in celebratory activities. Most craftable items require a blueprint; however, some, including Rope, only need a workstation and resources.

Rope will be the first craftable item they can make during the first quest, A New Morning, and they'll be able to find some valuable purposes in subsequent quests in-game. If they're new to Yarnville and want to learn more about the crafting features, we've detailed how they can craft Rope and where to find its resources to make more Rope in Bandle Tale.

How To Craft Rope And Find Yarn In Bandle Tale?

Rope is one of the first few items players can craft early in Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story as long as they have access to the Basic Workbench. The first time they can access this workstation is during the A New Morning quest, where they must repair their workstation before using it to craft Rope.

bandle tale league of legends story crafting guide how to craft make rope basic workbench thread
Interact with the Basic Workbench, where using one Thread can craft one piece of Rope. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge / Ashleigh Klein)

As Rope is an objective for the quest mentioned above, they can immediately craft some Rope and don't need to acquire blueprints or recipes before crafting this item. However, they will need a specific resource to make some Rope at the Basic Workbench, which is Thread, which is produced at the Spooling Machine, besides the Basic Workbench.

To make Rope, players must have one Thread for one piece of Rope at the Basic Workbench before it's added to their Backpack. Remember, they can find Rope inside of chests, including the one found in their room at Gramps' House, and likewise, they can make Thread by gathering Yarn in the open world.

If players are looking for Yarn, they can open the interactive World Map by pressing the M key and toggling between tabs to find the locations of all resources within a specific region. However, Yarn will only appear on the Map after they've gathered materials for the first time and will permanently feature on the Map, making it easy to find resources should they deplete resources.

There will be plenty of other items they can craft at the Basic Workbench; however, these require blueprints and gathering their resources before crafting them. Many of these blueprints are unlocked through the Skill Tree, for which they need Skill Points converted from their Emotion Orbs, which are filled up by gaining Emotion points when doing tasks.