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Bandle Tale: How To Get To The Unity Tree Area

With six unique islands to explore and portals to repair, Unity Tree is the first area players will travel to, so here's how to get there in Bandle Tale.
Bandle Tale: How To Get To The Unity Tree Area
(Picture: Lazy Bear Games / Riot Forge)

Bandle City is considered a magical realm connected to Runeterra, where players are tasked with saving this location by finding the portals and repairing them while collecting resources and crafting workstations. As they connect the islands once again while fixing these portals, one of the first areas they'll discover is the Unity Tree.

Players can find this location through gameplay progression, during which they'll finally meet Ozzy and a few League of Legends Champions. Players looking to learn how to reach the party center of Bandle City can continue reading this guide as we've explained how to get Unity Tree in Bandle Tale.

How To Get To The Unity Tree In Bandle Tale?

Bandle Tale is centered around the iconic Bandle City region, which has six unique islands for players to explore. Each island includes various locales where they can discover secrets and unique items to forage and meet characters and NPCs, and the Unity Tree is one such location.

bandle tale league of legends story locations guide unity tree how to get reach the adventure begins quest objectives
Players must complete an objective for The Adventure Begins quest to travel to the Unity Tree area. (Picture: Lazy Bear Games & Riot Forge/ Ashleigh Klein)

The Unity Tree location can be accessed fairly early in-game by completing a specific quest and introducing players to its Portals, which is the game's travel system. After completing the A New Morning quest, players receive The Adventure Begins, which has them searching for their best friend, Clover, at Darner's Glade, meeting Yuumi and the missing Knitter's Backpack.

During this quest, they must repair two bridges, more specifically, the bridge connecting Knitters' Village to The Yarnlets, where they'll discover their first portal. With Clover and their talkative sock companion, Righty, they'll travel to their first location beyond Yarnville, called the Unity Tree, as part of the quest's objectives, and they'll meet the famed Party Planner, Ozzy.

After arriving at the Unity Tree and speaking with Ozzy, players will learn that the Badge Book and Knitter's Backpack belonged to Ozzy before the portals were destroyed. He'll mention that Unity Tree is the "best place to party," for which their created Yordle and Clover will help Ozzy in the next quest, Dream Come True, by completing some tasks to help him throw a party.