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Battlefield 2042: How to show FPS counter

Knowing what your frames-per-second (FPS) are is crucial for measuring and tweaking your performance but some are finding it rather difficult in Battlefield 2042. This guide will show you how to show your FPS in the latest entry in the Battlefield franchise.
Battlefield 2042: How to show FPS counter

Battlefield 2042 is now available for those that pre-ordered either ultimate or golden edition through early access and fans of the franchise are once again suiting up and jumping into a battlefield in the hope that this is a return to glory for a series that has flattered to deceive in recent years.

The jury is still out on whether Battlefield 2042 is a return to form for the franchise, with players left dismayed after a beta period that some described as being like a "Chinese clone" of a Battlefield game.

Reviews for the full-release aren't looking too rosy either, but there is hope that underneath it all there is a true Battlefield game waiting to come out.

One thing few deny is how graphically impressive the game is (beta bugs aside), but, of course, with great graphics, comes the inevitable performance issues, something that can only be alleviated by diving into the game's settings and squeezing out whatever frames-per-second (FPS) you can.

Battlefield 2042 how to see FPS
Battlefield 2042 features huge maps with unparalleled graphic fidelity. (Picture: DICE)

We have already covered how to maximise performance in Battlefield 2042 but one thing that is proving an issue for many is actually seeing the FPS counter when in-game.

Obviously, if you can't see that your FPS is dipping, it makes it hard to tweak your settings (or even if you need to).

So if you are struggling to see your FPS in Battlefield 2042, don't worry, our quick guide below will reveal all.

How to display frames-per-second (FPS) in Battlefield 2042

Depending on what platform you are playing Battlefield 2042 on, there are two different ways to display your FPS.

If playing Battlefield 2042 on Origin

To display the FPS counter in BF2042 you need to bring up the game’s console. To do so, press the tilde (~) key, you can do this in the in-game menu or in a game itself.

In the command box type (without the quotation marks), type:

"perfoverlay.drawfps 1"

then hit the "ENTER" key.

This will then display your FPS info at the top of the screen.

If playing Battlefield 2042 on Steam

If you are playing on Steam you will need to press "Shift-TAB" simultaneously and scroll until you find the tab marked "In-Game".

Find the "Show FPS" option and turn it "ON".

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Featured image courtesy of DICE.