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Battlefield 2042 Portal flooded by XP farm modes

Thanks to the Battlefield Portal Builder giving players the ability to create their own experiences in Battlefield 2042, the game is quickly being flooded by XP farm modes.
Battlefield 2042 Portal flooded by XP farm modes

Battlefield 2042 in the early hours of the morning on 12th November 2021 via the early access launch, and there's already a bunch of XP farm modes flooding the servers! 

While there are already a plethora of known bugs and issues in Battlefield 2042 on launch day, which we hope DICE plans to redress soon, there are also players who have already managed to exploit the game's Portal mode.

XP farm modes flood Battlefield 2042's Portal servers

The Portal game mode for Battlefield 2042 has been praised quite a lot by fans, as it brings content from the likes of Bad Company, 1942 and more, allowing players to jump right in and get a huge package of nostalgia. 

Battlefield 2042 xp farm modes portal exploit servers
Battlefield 2042's Portal mode, despite all the XP farming, is going over well with fans. (Picture: EA / DICE)

Portal also allows players to create their own experiences using content from multiple Battlefield titles via Battlefield Portal Builder.

It allows players to change the rules to basically anything they desire, which on one side provides nearly unlimited created freedom. On the other side, we all know what the internet is like, as there will always be those who just want to get ahead by exploiting a system.

Unfortunately, it appears the Battlefield 2042 early access phase, within hours of launch, is already being flooded by XP farm modes created in Portal, maxing out server instances in the process.

Battlefield 2042 xp farm modes portal exploit servers
Battlefield 2042's servers are getting maxed out by XP farm modes in Portal. (Picture: ShadowSix / DICE)

The image above was shared by YouTuber ShadowSix on Twitter, who explains: "I think this is a thing that needs to be fixed. People already exploiting server settings for XP boosting. I can’t create my own portal server because there are so many of these damn things, server instances have maxed out."

At this point, it is important to note that developer Ripple Effect Studios (DICE LA) handled the Portal mode for Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 xp farm modes portal exploit servers
Change the rules of war...indeed. (Picture: EA / DICE)

Interestingly, via an interview with Dexerto in July 2021, Ripple Effect Studios' Tompen Andersson was asked about the possibility of players creating an "AI farming simulator" just to grind XP in.

At the time, Mr Andersson explained: "So we do have behind the scenes restrictions on these things aside from strict monitoring on what’s happening. We want to be able to go in and control people who are creating farming."

At the time of writing, it appears those behind-the-scenes restrictions aren't really working, considering how the servers are packed with XP farming modes created in Portal for Battlefield 2042.

Keep in mind it is still very early days, as the game only officially launches on 19th November, and early access just got underway on 12th November.


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Featured image courtesy of DICE / CryptoDozer.