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Battlefield 2042 weapon attachments not unlocking, players ask for a fix

Players have recently reported that the weapon attachments are not unlocking in Battlefield 2042, even if they complete the required tasks.
Battlefield 2042 weapon attachments not unlocking, players ask for a fix

Battlefield 2042 players have reported various in-game bugs and errors after its early access became available, including XP progression, DirectX, data connection issues and more. Recently, a new bug has been spotted in the game due to which players are not able to unlock weapon attachments.

As per the reports, players are completing the tasks required to unlock the weapon attachments in Battlefield 2042; however, they are still locked. 

"Have two barrel attachments not unlocked even though I've completed the requirement. Anyone else? Am I doing something wrong? It says I have 30/30 kills with the weapon, but the barrel still greyed out and locked," a user posted on the official Battlefield 2042 Reddit about the bug. 

battlefield 2042 weapon attachments not unlocking
There is no track of the progress for weapon attachments in Battlefield 2042. (Picture: Electronic Arts/DICE)

Another user who was facing the same issue suggested restarting the game, and while it fixed the problem for both of them, other players were still unable to unlock the attachments.

For some users, the kills they got with the weapons were not counting towards the progress at all, which according to them, is pretty frustrating.

Players are still looking for an answer; however, as of now, Electronic Arts/DICE haven't responded to this issue. So, the only thing you can do now is report the bug on Battlefield 2042 official support page and wait for them to fix it. 

According to our guess, the bugs might get fixed with the game's global launch on 19th November, but hopefully, they deploy a hotfix to solve the various bugs and errors in the game.


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Featured image courtesy of DICE / Electronic Arts.