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Battlefield Mobile gameplay reveals in-game map, weapons, and more

EA has started the alpha testing of Battlefield Mobile in a few regions and its gameplay videos have revealed a new map, weapons, vehicles etc., to be available in the game.
Battlefield Mobile is the latest mobile title by Electronic Arts intended to bring the original Battlefield experience to mobile devices. The alpha testing for the game has begun in some regions in addition to a few selected pre-registered users having received an invitation.

Apart from this, all the players with Andriod 7.0 or above can pre-register globally for Battlefield Mobile on Google Play Store. Since Battlefield Mobile is in the early alpha testing stages, there is not much content available in the game at the moment.

At present, gameplay videos have revealed the map, weapons and a few other features that will be available in the game.

Battlefield Mobile in-game features

As previously mentioned, there is limited content available in Battlefield Mobile, including a map, loadout features, vehicles etc. Grand Bazaar is the only map available in the game at the moment, along with its Conquest mode. 

Battlefield Mobile gameplay video reveals map weapons vehicles
Grand Bazaar map is the only map available in Battlefield Mobile alpha. (Picture: EA)

The goal of the match is to control points and kill the opponents in order to reduce their ticket number to zero; this will result in the player winning the game. In addition to this, players can select a total of three loadouts, including two guns, throwables, attachments and more. 

Battlefield Mobile gameplay reveals in-game map, weapons, and more
Players can pick one of the three loadouts while spawning on the map in Battlefield Mobile. (Picture: EA)

There are a total of four guns available in Battlefield Mobile, including the F2000, 338 Recon, LSAT, and PP-2000. Apart from this, Frag Grenade and C4 are the two secondary gadgets, along with Health Crate that can be equipped as a primary gadget. 

Players will have to play games in order to level up and unlock all the weapons and gadgets available in the game.

These include the following:

  • Rank 1: Frag Grenade, P226, and F2000

  • Rank 2: SMAW

  • Rank 3: 338 Recon

  • Rank 4: Health Crate

  • Rank 5: LSAT

  • Rank 6: Spotting Drone

  • Rank 7: PP-2000

  • Rank 8: Ammo Crate

  • Rank 9: C4

Battlefield Mobile gameplay reveals in-game map, weapons, and more
Players will have to rank up in order to unlock all the weapons, and gadgets in Battlefield Mobile. (Picture: EA)

In terms of the vehicles, players can deploy Tanks and ATVs on the map, making it easier to travel on the map to eliminate the opponents. You can have a look at Battlefield Mobile's gameplay video uploaded by Nonstop Gaming on YouTube:

EA will introduce more content in the future along with launching Battlefield Mobile for more regions and players. We will update you with the new information as soon as it becomes available.

Battlefield Mobile will release globally in 2022 on Android and iOS devices, however, an exact date is yet to be announced by EA.


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Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts.