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Best LCMG loadout for Battlefield 2042

Show your enemies the true meaning of fear with this insanely overpowered LCMG class setup for Battlefield 2042.
Best LCMG loadout for Battlefield 2042

If you're wondering about the best gun in Battlefield 2042, then look no further than the LCMG light machine gun. The LCMG currently takes the crown for being the strongest and most broken gun in Battlefield 2042. This weapon boasts incredible firepower, reliable range and excellent mobility that will allow you to run down enemies in the medium to long-range.

The LCMG also features one of the fastest TTK in the game, which means you can rack up some serious numbers on the scoreboard. Although, you perhaps will find it challenging to contend with enemies wielding SMGs in close-quarters.

Despite this, the LCMG is available to all players in Battlefield 2042 from the get-go. Therefore, it should be no surprise that it's a fan-favourite. So, with that said, here are the best attachments for the LMCG at the start of Battlefield 2042's multiplayer mode.

Best LCMG class setup for Battlefield 2042

The following loadout will make the LCMG more competitive in the short range against SMGs. We have also provided alternative attachment choices for players who wish to optimise the LCMG for longer ranges.

Best LCMG loadout for Battlefield 2042
Best LCMG loadout for Battlefield 2042. (Picture: EA / DICE)
  • Sight: 8R Holo / Ghost Hybrid
  • Ammo: Close Combat / High Power
  • Underbarrel: Cobra Grip
  • Barrel: Extended Barrel

The first attachment is the 8R Holo, a close-quarters sight intended to make the LCMG more viable for aggressive playstyles. The 8R Holo provides a 1.5x zoom level and enhanced target visibility.

Otherwise, you could go for the Ghost Hybrid sight to remain competitive at longer ranges.

Best LCMG loadout for Battlefield 2042
The 8R Holo will provide enhanced target visibility for the LCMG. (Picture: EA / DICE)

Next, we've gone with the Close Combat ammo for greater recoil control, reload speed and rate of fire, at the slight expense to effective range. If you want to maximise the lethality of the LCMG at a longer range, then go with the High Power ammunition.

Keep in mind that it will come at the expense of recoil control, reload speed and rate of fire.

Best LCMG loadout for Battlefield 2042
Close Combat ammunition is a low recoil munition. (Picture: EA /DICE)

The Cobra Grip attachment will provide additional recoil management and improve accuracy while static. Using this attachment will ensure you do not miss any of your shots.

And then lastly, we've gone with the Extended Barrel to increase projectile velocity. This will make the LCMG feel as though it has hitscan.

And that's it! Let us know if you agree with this loadout by sharing your thoughts with us on Twitter. If you want to see this gun in action, then check out the video embedded below.


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Featured image courtesy of DICE / Electronic Arts.