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How to customize weapons in Battlefield 2042

The Battlefield 2042 fever has taken over as we are only a few days away from the game arriving to our PC and consoles and we will tell you some key details about weapon customization.
How to customize weapons in Battlefield 2042

FPS fans have been enjoying plenty of solid releases over the last couple of weeks, with the Battlefield franchise entering the fray.

Battlefield 2042 will be arriving on 19th November and it aims to revolutionize the franchise as the early testers agree that it continues to do what they already do great while taking a step further on certain features that should offer a better gaming experience.

One of those changes will be seen at the armoury as we will enjoy a fully revamped Weapon customization menu both pre-game and mid-match and we will tell you all about it.

Battlefield 2042 - How to customise weapons

Battlefield 2042 Weapon Customization Menu
Despite the specialist role you prefer to play you will be able to use every weapon available in the game. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

The feature in Battlefield 2042 where each player will pick a certain role before each match planted some doubt seed in our heads as it was a reasonable expectation to have defined loadouts per class.

Fortunately, that won’t be the case as every weapon within the game will be available for every operator as well as the attachments that come with it, although you can start with the pre-determined loadouts for each specialist and then customize from there.

This will allow players to mix and match as much as they like combining special abilities with loadouts which will also make it more difficult for opponents to profile a player only because of the weapons they use.

Battlefield 2042 Weapon Customization Cross
Battlefield 2042 allows you to quickly edit your weapon to change from range to damage in a whisp. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

As if that wasn´t enough personalization, you will also be able to set certain attachments to the newly added cross menu that will allow you to switch them mid-game allowing you to adapt your weaponry to the map and objectives you face without changing the whole loadout.

Each weapon will allow a defined amount of attachments for the cross menu but it will help you maintain the same base weapon and play with different ranges, ammo and perks that will simplify your life in the arena.

As with every new game, you will enjoy a full tour of each menu that will allow you to exploit these amazing features that we are eager to play as soon as Battlefield 2042 hits the shelves on Friday.


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Feature image courtesy of Electronic Arts.