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How to get Srik Congmace in Biomutant: Best freezing weapon

Find out how to obtain the Srik Congmace, the best freezing weapon capable of crushing any opponent in Biomutant.

Many players enjoying Biomutant have spent their time collecting each of the unique weapons and mounts within the game, as they fight their way through the map defeating the most powerful or elusive enemies and bosses in the post-apocalyptic world. We've already shown you how to get your hands on the Sparkatron Hypicskromp and the Pri Murgel Sword, two of the best Ultimate weapons for both ranged and melee attacks. So this time we are gonna focus on one special artifact, known for its glacial impacts and its crushing power, requiring a lot of agility and strength to be able to handle it, the Srik Congmace.

Biomutant Srik Congmace: How to get

Srik Congmace Biomutant how to get best freezing weapon(Picture: THQ Nordic)

To start your journey for this ultimate weapon, you will have to go to the Chudgepot, a big fortress area where you will find a giant hungry enemy called the Chug Swollwaft. As with the other bosses for these kinds of tasks, we recommend using any melee weapon as its short hands make it difficult to catch you, while also evading any attacks from it.

After you defeat it, it will drop some of its faecal rests, and most importantly, the Chug Depot Vault Key.

Srik Congmace Biomutant how to get best freezing weapon(Picture: THQ Nordic)

Once you get this key in your hands, you will activate a sidequest that will show you the entrance of the vault as a destination point, however, this will be at the other side of the walls where you fought against the boss, so you will have to either walk around until you find the entrance or go through the walls with your Klonkfist.

Near the entrance of the vault, you will find a robotic enemy known as Tincan Tougho, which you can fight before you reach the door or skip it through while evading all its laser attacks. No matter what you have chosen to do, you will have to interact with your key at the vault so you can have access to it.

Inside it will be just an empty room with a display at the end, where the Srik Congmace will be resting, waiting for you to take it as your new weapon.

In its base state, this Ultimate Weapon will have an impressive 6 stars, which can be levelled up to 7 by buying some add-ons and crafting them into the Congmace to maximize its power.

In the video above, Karpo Gaming gives you a visual guide to getting this chilling, destructive weapon in Biomutant.

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