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When will Rambo release in Warzone Season 3?

Activision is teasing the arrival of action movie character John Rambo in Warzone, possibly set for release during Season 3.
When will Rambo release in Warzone Season 3?

Back on 22nd April 2021, Activision unleashed Warzone Season 3 following the Destruction of Verdansk event. Call of Duty fans already has a lot to enjoy in the new season, from the shiny Battle Pass to level up, to Verdansk 84' and much more. Now, it appears the iconic action movie character, John Rambo (portrayed by Sylvester Stallone, could arrive in Verdansk during Season 3, as Activision has started dropping hints about the character's arrival.

Rambo Warzone teases explained

First up, the Warzone Season 3 roadmap doesn't mention Rambo at all. However, in a new Warzone Report (where players can get their own stats summary) Activision teased a new "player" over on Twitter.

Activision asks: Does anyone know SURVIVORJOHN#1009062? Their Warzone Report is a sight to be seen.

John Rambo warzone operator release date verdansk(Picture: Activision)

The first obvious clue is the name "John" in the Call of Duty ID. However, the actual stats give a lot more insight and strongly hints at Rambo entering Warzone.

First off, there have been five mainline, featured films in the Rambo franchise, starting with First Blood in 1982, and ending with Last Blood in 2019. That coincides with the Warzone Report revealing five games played.

Another major hint is that during all five featured films, John Rambo has 552 confirmed kills to his name, which also coincides with the number of kills. Since the character doesn't die, his 0 deaths make the connection even more prominent.

With the 1980's theme of Warzone Season 3, alongside the hints from Activision, it is very much clear John Rambo will be arriving in Verdanks 84'. 


When will Rambo release in Warzone?

At the time of writing, there's no real telling when John Rambo will release in Warzone. The action movie character could release any time during Season 3.

If we had to guess, Rambo will likely release as an Operator during the mid-season Warzone update, which doesn't have an exact release date just yet.

Since Activision has already started teasing Rambo's arrival in Warzone, we can expect the character to enter Vendansk 84' before Season 4, which will start on 16th or 17th June 2021.

Header image credit: Carolco Pictures