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COD Mobile
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COD Mobile Season 5 update size for Android and iOS devices

COD Mobile Season 5 update is out for both the Android and iOS devices that players can download to enjoy the new maps, modes and more. If you are wondering what is the latest update size, here’s your answer.
COD Mobile Season 5 update has been released on the global servers, and players can download it on their Android and iOS devices. The latest patch has added three new maps, two modes, two weapons and more, along with a bunch of bug fixes and optimizations. In addition to this, Activision has brought weapon balance changes to QXR, PP19 Bizon etc., to make the game fairer for everyone.

If you are intrigued to download the COD Mobile Season 5 update, you need to have enough space in your device and here’s the update size of the latest patch.

COD Mobile Season 5 update size

COD Mobile Season 5 update size for Android and iOS
COD Mobile Season 5 update (Picture: Activision)

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 update is around 229 MB for both Android, iOS devices and it will automatically get downloaded on the loading screen of the game. Players will then have to log in with their account to enjoy the latest features of the game. 

In addition to all the content listed above, the latest Battle Pass called In Deep Water is also out with a ton of rewards, including operators, epic weapons, outfits and more. You can upgrade that to unlock all the free and premium rewards by levelling up using Battle Pass XP. 

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