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How to unlock Hades LMG in COD Mobile Season 7

Here’s how you can unlock the new Hades LMG, in COD Mobile Season 7.
How to unlock Hades LMG in COD Mobile Season 7

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 is an engaging update with a strong set of additions, including the brand new functional weapon Hades LMG. While players are still waiting for its official release, Activision has confirmed the arrival of Hades LMG, along with new multiplayer maps, modes, and operator skills.

After plenty of leaks filled the countless rumours, the developers have confirmed the way to unlock the new Hades LMG via the official patch notes of the Season 7 update. Here's how you can unlock the Hades in COD Mobile Season 7 and a first look at the stats for this brand-new, rapid-fire gun.

How to unlock Hades LMG in Call of Duty: Mobile

Hades LMG unlocks at tier 21 of the COD Mobile Season 7 battle pass. (Picture: YouTube / Drift0r) 

The only way to unlock Hades in COD Mobile Season 7 is by levelling up your battle pass up to tier 21. It’s worth noting that this weapon is a part of the battle pass’ free variant; hence players don’t have to spend any credit points in order to gain its access.

However, they would still need to rack up an abundance of battle pass XP to unlock it. That’s where daily challenges and event missions come in. We highly recommend players complete them to get their hands on the Hades LMG in a short space of time as it generally yields an enormous amount of XP upon completion.

Once you've unlocked Hades, get the best loadout and start mowing down your enemies.

COD Mobile - Hades LMG statistics 

Cod mobile hades lmg statistics
COD Mobile Hades LMG statistics. (Picture: CODM Chinese version)

Hades LMG is inarguably an ultimate choice to shred your opponents in just a few seconds. Although the official stats of the weapon haven’t been revealed yet, here’s a look at the baseline stats according to leaks surfaced online:

  • Damage: 29
  • Fire Rate: 65
  • Accuracy: 57
  • Mobility: 55
  • Range: 53
  • Control: 60

It’s important to note that these are the base stats of the weapon. Therefore, start saving up the Weapon XP Cards now to unlock its early attachments before taking it out to the battlefield. 


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