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How to unlock Swarm scorestreak in COD Mobile Season 6

Here's how you can unlock the Swarm scorestreak in COD Mobile Season 6, as well as the cost of this new scorestreak, and what it does.
How to unlock Swarm scorestreak in COD Mobile Season 6

COD Mobile Season 6, entitled "The Heat" brings a tonne of new content for players to enjoy. From new maps, new weapons, Undead Siege and some interesting weapon balance changes. There's also a brand-new Battle Pass filled with content to unlock. The most exciting aspect for many players, however, is unlocking the new tools to crush their enemies with. We've already shown you how to unlock the MX9 SMG, and now, it's time for a quick guide to unlocking the new Swarm scorestreak in COD Mobile Season 6. 

Swarm scorestreak in COD Mobile S6: How to unlock

The new scorestreak released with the COD Mobile Season 6 update sounds frightening. It is called "Swarm" and unleashes a "swarm of lethal Hunter Killer drones" when used. It costs 1100 to use.

As if one Hunter Killer drone wasn't enough to send shivers down your spine, right? In any case, check out the in-game image of the Swarm scorestreak for COD Mobile Season 6 below, to get properly motivated to unlock it.

Unlock swarm scorestreak cod mobile season 6 how to effects cost
(Picture: Activision)

It costs 1100 to use in-game but first, you will need to unlock the Swarm scorestreak. All you need to do is level your Battle Pass up to tier 14. It is important to note this is in the free tiers of the Battle Pass, so you don't have to purchase a Premium Bundle.  

You can start the levelling process from 29th July 2021 at 17:00 PT. You can also purchase the Premium Battle Pass 12-Tier Bundle, which will set you back 520 CP, putting you only two levels away from unlocking the Swarm scorestreak.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the Swarm scorestreak in COD Mobile Season 6. While it is easy to unlock via the Battle Pass, it might not be as easy for your opponents to handle on the battlefield.

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