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Rytec AMR in COD Mobile Season 6: How to unlock and stats

What we know so far about unlocking the Rytec AMR Sniper Rifle in COD Mobile Season 6, and the new gun's baseline stats.
Rytec AMR in COD Mobile Season 6: How to unlock and stats

With the launch of COD Mobile Season 6 "The Heat", there's already a whole lot of new content to enjoy, from new maps, new weapons, Undead Siege, a great new Battle Pass filled to the brim with content, and much more. We've already covered how you can unlock the MX9 SMG and the new Swarm scorestreak, which releases via the Battle Pass at the start of the season. But wait...isn't there supposed to be two new weapons? Well yes, there's also the Rytec AMR, a brand-new Sniper Rifle. Here are the stats for this long-range death machine, and how we expect you will be able to unlock it. 

How to unlock Rytec AMR in COD Mobile Season 6

COD Mobile Season 6 releases on 29th July 2021 at 17:00 PT. The Rytec AMR, however, does not.

Instead, you will have to wait until the new Sniper Rifle releases via a mid-season update. 

how to unlock rytec AMR cod mobile season 6 stats
(Picture: Activision)

At the time of writing, the exact challenges players will need to complete to unlock the Rytec AMR in COD Mobile Season 6 are unknown. We expect you will have to complete a challenge relating to other sniper rifles to unlock the Rytec AMR. 

Rytec AMR stats in COD Mobile

The Rytec AMR in COD Mobile is a semi-automatic Anti-Material Rifle excellent at long-range engagements, and quick scoping. This weapon hails from the Modern Warfare era and is also available in Warzone.

With good mobility for a Sniper Rifle and quick ADS, the Rytec AMR might just be the new king of Sniper/Marksmen rifles when it releases later in Season 6. For now, check out the gun's baseline stats as per an image shared by codmINTEL from the test server.

Rytec AMR stats unlock cod mobile season 6 how to challenges
(Picture: codmINTEL / Activision)

Thanks to its ammunition attachment, the Rytec AMR sniper rifle will also be able to fire Thermite Rounds in COD Mobile Season 6. Check out the video via Hachwa from the test server below, showcasing just how devasting the Rytec AMR can be.

We will endeavour to update this article once a specific way to unlock the Rytech AMR in COD Mobile Season 6 becomes available. As mentioned previously, we expect the new Sniper Rifle to release sometime in the middle of August 2021 with a mid-season update, via a challenge. 

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