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Conan Exiles Brimstone: How To Get & Use

Brimstone is a valuable resource with multiple uses, from crafting to alchemy. Learn about this resource, including how to get in Conan Exiles.
Conan Exiles Brimstone: How To Get & Use

The brutal worlds of Conan Exiles may be difficult to survive; however, there are many ways to make your time in The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Sipah less complicated. As dangerous enemies and bosses raid these lands, they’re rich in resources and minerals to craft armor and weapons, like Brimstone.

Being the most commonly used resource, Brimstone can be dropped from enemies and is relatively easy to mine, but where are these mining locations? We’ve explored and tracked down all known locations and how to use Brimstone in Conan Exiles.

conan exiles resource guide brimstone how to find brimstone mineral nodes mining
You can acquire Brimstone by locating its mineral nodes across The Exiled Lands. (Picture: YouTube / Pixelcave)

How To Find Brimstone In Conan Exiles?

Brimstone is one of the most valuable resources in The Exiled Lands due to its multiple uses in crafting materials and other alchemical items. As such, this resource is one of the easiest to farm as it can be dropped by various creatures and mined from nodes at specific locations.

If you wish to mine Brimstone, there’s a chance you may obtain an additional resource, Salt, which is primarily used in cooking applications. Likewise, when mining for Brimstone, you can utilize a standard pick and higher rarities or the Word of Power: Mass Cull sorcery.

We’ve listed below the specific locations and their coordinates where you can find Brimstone nodes in The Exiled Lands:

  • Shattered Springs (C8)
  • Sinner’s Refuge (G4)
  • Gallaman’s Tomb (H4)
  • Executioners Entrance (I6)
  • Buccaneer Bay (N8)

As for which creatures drop Brimstone, plenty roams the desert biome of The Exiled Lands. These creatures should be relatively easy for you to defeat; however, you may use Thralls if they’re too powerful to overcome.

Conan Exiles Brimstone Creature Drops:

  • Albino Bat Demon
  • Bat Demon
  • Brimstone Rocknose
  • Corrupted Rocknose
  • Degenerate Demon-spider
  • Demon Spider
  • Rocknose
  • Rockslide
  • Sandbeast
  • Skeleton
  • Undead Hyena
  • Undead Kappa

How To Use Brimstone In Conan Exiles?

After successfully mining or defeating enemies to acquire Brimstone, you can utilize this resource in various applications, including crafting, alchemy, and cooking. These include crafting the Exploding Trap structure, different colored dyes, Witchfire, and Steelfire, the latter of which, together with Tar, is a vital material, especially for Conan Exiles’ endgame content.

conan exiles resource guide brimstone how to use golem shaping age of sorcery chapter 3
Brimstone has one crucial use, as it can be used in Golem Shaping, the crafting of golems. (Picture: Funcom)

With the launch of the Age of Sorcery Chapter update, Brimstone is one of the main resources needed to craft the Tome of Kurak. Additionally, in the Chapter 3 update, it has found another important use as it can be used in Golem Shaping, which allows you to assemble Golems, which you can purchase or craft golem parts.

In this instance, you can use Brimstone to craft various golem parts, which include the following:

  • Crystalline Guardian Brimstone Head, Torso, and Leg parts
  • Iron Guardian Brimstone Head, Torso, and Leg parts
  • Stone Guardian Brimstone Head, Torso, and Leg parts
  • Tarnished Iron Guardian Brimstone Head, Torso, and Leg parts

And that completes this guide on finding and using Brimstone in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel Pixelcave for the complete breakdown, and please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.