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Conan Exiles Purple Lotus Flowers – Locations & Uses

The Purple Lotus Flower in Conan Exiles is found in various locations and can be used to make potions and elixirs. Here's how to find it.
Conan Exiles Purple Lotus Flowers – Locations & Uses

The Purple Lotus Flower is a sought-after ingredient, particularly among Sorcerers in Conan Exiles, offering powerful status effects to augment your character. As such, it is an essential item to include in your inventory. Fortunately, finding this particular flower isn't challenging, unlike other Lotus Flowers.

So, if you're curious about how to locate it, you've come to the right place. This guide will walk you through how to find Purple Lotus Flowers in Conan Exiles, their uses, and everything in between. Keep reading to learn more!

Where To Find Purple Lotus Flowers In Conan Exiles

conan exiles resources guide purple lotus flowers how to get how to find the exiled lands eastern barracks map location
On the Exiled Lands, Purple Lotus Flowers have clustered nearby the Eastern Barracks. (Picture: YouTube / KiahOnFire)

Like the Yellow Lotus Flowers, Purple Lotus Flowers are accessible throughout The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah in Conan Exiles. These purple-colored flowers have sorcerous effects when consumed, like Paralysis and increased Attractiveness to others.

It’s also possible to gain a Drunken status effect followed by a slight headache that may cause distorted vision. However, if you drink its potion, it will summon a wisp leading you to the dungeon boss, The Witch Queen, at the Palace of the Witch Queen (O6).

Nevertheless, the location of the Purple Lotus Flowers in Conan Exiles is relatively straightforward as they’re often clustered together in the same area. This should make farming for flowers and seeds more efficient. We’ve listed all the spots where to find Purple Lotus Flowers below:

All Purple Lotus Flowers Locations In Conan Exiles:
  • Isle of Siptah:
    • Volary of the Harpy (E10): Locate this vault and search the grounds surrounding this location to find Purple Lotus Flowers.
    • Violet Isle (E10): Head north from the Volary of the Harpy vault, and you’ll spot the flowers nearby the vista.
    • The Southwood (M10): You can find these flowers along the edge of the mountain range on the right and the banks near an isle on the left of the vista.
  • The Exiled Lands:
    • Eastern Barracks (L7): Head north from the ruins and locate an isle where you’ll find plenty of Purple Lotus Flowers around the banks of the river.

When visiting these locations, remember to use harvesting tools for farming flowers and seeds. You can also utilize the Word of Power: Mass Cull to gain more resources when harvesting the Purple Lotus Flowers and Seeds.

How To Use Purple Lotus Flowers In Conan Exiles

After harvesting, Purple Lotus Flowers in Conan Exiles can be turned into seeds or powders, which can be used in gardening to grow new flowers in a Planter. In addition, these powders and seeds are commonly used for crafting alchemy items such as potions and elixirs because of their advantageous properties.

Using Purple Lotus Powder can create the Purple Lotus Potion, which grants the Cripple and Drunken status effects and increases Charisma and Follower Damage. Additionally, Fish Gill Potion and Tears of Gullah can be made with Purple Lotus Powder, providing benefits such as increased lung capacity and Follower Damage.

conan exiles resources guide purple lotus flowers how to use purple lotus orb
It was believed that the Purple Lotus Flower is a main component in crafting Purple Lotus Orb; however, Black Lotus Flowers are used instead. (Picture: YouTube / wak4863)

It was led to believe that these flowers would be the main ingredient in crafting the Purple Lotus Orb; however, the developer has yet to confirm if they’ll change the component from Black to Purple Lotus. Regardless, the flowers or powder can be used within the Lotus Burner Guardian Torso that emits a smoke granting increased Armor for you and friendly allies.

And that completes this guide on how to find Purple Lotus Flowers in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel KiahOnFire for the complete walkthrough of all Lotus Blossom locations in the game. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.

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