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How To Get Silk In Conan Exiles And How To Use It

Explore the dark caves to defeat spiders and acquire the resource needed to craft silk. Here's how to make and use silk in Conan Exiles.
How To Get Silk In Conan Exiles And How To Use It

Luxurious and valuable, silk is a highly expensive commodity in The Exiled Lands and is quite complicated to acquire. This material is prized by many tribes throughout the region due to its intricate yet delicate process of producing silk, and its affinity towards dyes makes it a sought-after material.

Getting this valuable material can be dangerous as you may need to face multiple venomous creatures to farm the required resource. We’ve detailed how to make and craft silk and explained its best uses in this guide for Conan Exiles.

How To Get And Use Silk In Conan Exiles?

Silk has unique properties, including increased durability, and can take on dyes easily when weaving but collecting resources for making silk will be challenging for players. Learning how to make silk can be achieved in two ways; by handcrafting or using a Tier 4 Tanner Thrall placed at Tanner’s Table.

conan exiles materials guide silk how to use clothing armor pieces sets
Silk can be used in various items, including making clothing and armor pieces. (Picture: Funcom)

While using a Thrall may be somewhat tedious as you’ll need to find and capture a T4 Tanner Thrall before farming for Fat Grubs however, you can find two T4 Tanner Thralls at Sepemeru (B7) and Black Galleon (I7), respectively. As for the Fat Grubs, these can be produced when making Compost within your Compost Heap before using them to make silk.

The other option is the more popular one within the community: harvesting Gossamer, spider silk from caves throughout the Exiled Lands. The best places to find spider silk are at the locations we’ve listed below:

  • Skittering Cavern (E5)
  • Weaver’s Hollow (F7)
  • Gallaman’s Tomb (H4)
  • The Silkwood (M4)

Make sure to have a sickle equipped to your character, as these can be dropped by various spiders that spawn at these locations mentioned above. Additionally, use the sickle on any spider eggs you may find in these caves, as they can also drop Gossamer when farming them.

conan exiles materials guide silk how to get harvest gossamer spider silk sickle
Harvesting Gossamer is required to handcraft silk on your character, but you'll need to use a sickle for farming them from dead spiders. (Picture: Funcom)

Using this specific method, you can craft silk on your character without requiring a Tanner Thrall, but you’ll need to have learned the Iron Tools Knowledge to achieve this. But it can also be crafted at Tanner’s Table, but this is for an advanced variant of silk that is utilized in higher-graded armor sets and pieces.

Aside from multiple armor sets and pieces that use silk, it’s also used when making various structures such as door frames, roof corners, folding screens, paintings, walls, the Battle Standard, and many other furnishing items. With Alchemical Base and Aloe Leaves, you can craft Stutter Wraps and Infused Wraps, which the latter also needs Scales of Dagon to craft.

You can also make the Rhino Travel Saddle using silk, twine, and thick leather, making traveling on a rhino more comfortable. Silk makes four types of crossbow weaponry: the Ancient Bow, Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, and the Hyrkanian Bow.

conan exiles materials guide silk how to use rhino saddle
You can make the Rhino Travel Saddle for your Rhino mount making traveling more comfortable. (Picture: Funcom)

These crossbows all require silk to craft, but other materials are needed to be farmed and mined, like Shaped Wood, Thick Leather, and Branches. Lastly, you’ll need Iron and Steel Bars before crafting these weapons at the Carpenter’s Bench and using them in combat or for hunting purposes.

And that completes this guide on making silk in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel wak4863 for the complete tutorial on acquiring Gossamer in-game. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.