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Conan Exiles Leather Guide: How To Make And Use Thick Leather

Thick leather has a few uses in-game, most notably for armor, so it's essential to begin farming them. Here's how to get them in Conan Exiles.
Conan Exiles Leather Guide: How To Make And Use Thick Leather

Conan Exiles has a great variety of unique armor that can enhance various stats and protect you from the environments and challenging enemies. Each armor piece or set requires specific materials, like steel, hide, and leather, to begin crafting at the Armorer's Bench.

More specifically, thick leather is a material that isn't particularly used for armor, but only some require it. We've explored the Exiled Lands to determine how to get thick leather and its best uses in Conan Exiles.

How To Get The Thick Leather In Conan Exiles?

Thick leather, like with a thick hide, is quick and tricky to acquire, but it’s not possible as this valuable material can be used for various applications. This includes producing armor pieces and sets, weapons, saddles, equipment upgrades, and Leather Pouches.

conan exiles materials guide thick leather how to get hunting rhinos
Hunting rhinos will drop various items, including animal hide, which can be turned into thick leather. (Picture: Funcom)

As thick leather and hide are essential, players must begin farming for these materials, which can be helpful later in the game. As for obtaining thick leather, you’ll need to hunt down various animals and creatures in The Exiled Lands, namely bears, dragons, elephants, mammoths, and rhinos, to acquire animal parts, hides, and pelts.

These resources can be placed on Tanner’s Table, and using any Tier Thrall, they can be converted into specific materials like tar, thick hide, and, most importantly, thick leather. Doing so will unlock a new blueprint for Stitch which allows you to convert animal hide and twine into thick hide.

Nevertheless, crafting thick leather requires animal hide from the abovementioned animals, which can be found in a few locations across The Exiled Lands. These are the exact locations where you can find animals that drop animal hide that’s needed for thick hide, which includes Rhinohorn Ridge (B6), south of Carrowmore (B12), and Swagger Rock (G7).

How To Use Thick Leather In Conan Exiles?

conan exiles materials guide thick leather how to use crafting armor
Like with thick hide, specific armor sets require thick leather as a vital material before crafting them. (Picture: Funcom)

One of the most important uses for thick leather is in crafting Heavy Padding, which is needed for armor, and Leather Pouhces, which is required for casting sorceries. It’s also utilized for making various weaponry, specifically bows, daggers, polearms, and the Star Metal Sword and Bow.

You can also make various saddles, including the Aquilonian Scout and the Rhino Travel Saddles, which can be valuable for players who use rhinos as mounts. Additionally, equipment upgrades like the Advanced Armor Flexibility, Master Armor, and Thick Armor Plating kits can be crafted at the Tinker’s Bench using thick leather with other materials.

Lastly, you can use thick leather, Hardened Brick, Insulated Wood, and Steel Reinforcement at the Construction Hammer to craft two specific structures. These are the Campaign Armorer’s and Garrison Armorer’s Benches, which can help craft higher grades of armor.

And that completes this guide on thick leather in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel Gaming Tutorials with Johny for the complete tutorial on getting and using thick leather in-game. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.