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CS:GO AWP Fade from Control Collection selling for massive price

Shortly after the release of Operation Broken Fang, the AWP Fade skin from the CS:GO Control Collection is already selling for an insane amount of money.
Valve unleashed the 10th Operation, called Operation Broken Fang, on 4th December. Two days later, and one specific weapon skin called the AWP Fade from the Control Collection, is already selling for an insane amount of money on Steam. All things considered, the AWP Fade could become one of the most expensive skins on the Steam Marketplace, and its price is climbing every day.

AWP Fade price on Steam

In the spirit of ripping off the bandaid, the AWP Fade is already selling for roughly 1,800 USD on Steam right now. 

It is part of the Control Collection, which costs four (4) Operation Broken Fang Stars for a chance at getting one of the collection skins. 

CS:GO AWP Fade price how to get Steam Broken Fang Control Collection(Picture: Valve)

The AWP Fade skin is extremely rare, and it might not be around to acquire after Operation Broken Fang ends. This means the Factory New quality AWP Fade will likely continue to increase in price. 

Early estimations suggest the AWP Fade could end up selling for over $3,000 or even close to $4,000 once Operation Broken Fang ends, making it one of the most expensive CS:GO skins on Steam which anyone can still get right now. We aren't counting grey market third-party trading of skins here, of course.


How to get the AWP Fade in CS:GO

To get the AWP Fade during CS:GO's Operation Broken Fang, you need to get lucky. It is as simple as that, really, as you have less than 1% chance to get it via a Control Collection draw.

CS:GO AWP Fade price how to get Steam Broken Fang Control Collection(Picture: Valve)

First up, you need to have to own Operation Broken Fang. Then, you need to earn Operation Stars, and spend four of them on a Control Collection draw. Lastly, you need to hope lady luck is on your side, as with less than a 1% chance, the odds of getting one is extremely low.

For those looking to get the AWP Fade, good luck to you. If you don't feel lucky, you can always open your wallet and purchase one from the Steam Marketplace for roughly $1,800. This price will likely increase in the new few days.