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CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Ancient collection: All skins, guns, and more

The latest CS:GO Broken Fang updated brings multiple skin collections to the game, including the Ancient collection, inspired by, well, ancient civilizations.
CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Ancient collection: All skins, guns, and more

Valve has pulled no punches, as they dropped a ton of content with Operation Broken Fang.

New maps, agents, stat trackers and of course, dozens and dozens of cosmetics, there's a lot to unpack here. 

One of the many collections unveiled alongside the Broken Fang Case one, which includes a total of 17 community designs, is the Ancient skin collection.

Let's check out all the skins down below.

Operation Broken Fang Ancient collection - All skins

In this bundle, there's a total of 19 weapon skins. Check them all down below:

All images courtesy of Valve

M4A1-S I Welcome to the Jungle

M4A1-S csgo

AK-47 I Panthera onca

ak-47 csgo

P90 I Run and Hide

Ancient collection P90

USP-S I Ancient Visions

csgo skins

MAC-10 I Gold Brick

mac 10 csgo

XM1014 I Ancient Lore

xm csgo skin

FAMAS I Dark Water

famas csgo

Galil AR I Dusk Ruins

galil ar

AUG I Carved Jade

ancient csgo

Tec-9 I Blast from the Past

tec 9 csgo

CZ75-Auto I Silver

silver csgo

G3SG1 I Ancient Ritual


MP7 I Tall Grass

mp7 tall grass

P2000 I Panther camo


R8 Revolver I Night


SSG 08 I Jungle Dashed

ssg 08

Nova I Army Sheen

nova csgo

SG 553 I Lush Ruins

sg csgo

P90 I Ancient Earth