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Broken Fang Case adds 17 weapon skins in latest CS:GO update

The latest operation for CS:GO is a long time coming but its full of content and a great example being the new Broken Fang Case.
Broken Fang Case adds 17 weapon skins in latest CS:GO update

It's Christmas for CS:GO fans, as Valve has dropped a ton of content with Operation Broken Fang.

From new maps, agents, and of course, dozens and dozens of cosmetics, there's a lot to unpack here. 

We're going to be focusing on one of the many skin collections that Valve dropped. The Operation Broken Fang Case. Learn how to unlock all the Broken Fang rewards including the Star cost of the Case. Then, we've also got a guide to completing the Week 1 missions.

Operation Broken Fang Case - All skins

In this bundle, there's a total of 17 community design weapon skins, as well as a new set of gloves. Check them all down below:

All images courtesy of Valve

M4A1-S I Printstream by JTPNZ


Glock 18 I Neo-noir by donschi and Blazer

csgo new skins

M4A4 I Cyber Security by Conne and 11it

csgo skins

USP-S I Monster Mashup by Nextgenz

csgo pistol skins

Five-Seven I Fairy Tale by Rafok

new skins counter strike

UMP-45 I Gold Bismuth by G-99 Factory

csgo skin ump 45

SSG 08 I Parallax by kosear

ssg 08 skins

Berettas I Dezastre by Des and el_tus

berettas csgo

AWP I Exoskeleton by Rozzy

awp csgo skins

Nova I Clear Polymer by Strenson

nova csgo skins

MP5-SD I Condition Zero by Andy and tanapta

MP5 SD csgo

M249 I Deep Relief by Teo and VisHomin

M249 csgo skins

P250 I Contaminant by Kiku

pistol skins csgo

Galil AR I Vandal by MONIKA

galil ar skins

G3SG1 I Digital Mesh by hexeth


P90 I Cocoa Rampage by .krM5 and mara_der

P90 skins

CZ75 I Vendetta by emu

CZ75 skins


Broken Fang Gloves Set

CSGO broken fang gloves