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CS:GO Tuscan map official version finally in the works

The iconic CS 1.6 map, Tuscan, is finally getting an official CS:GO version as the first screenshots are revealed.
CS:GO Tuscan map official version finally in the works

Tuscan is an iconic map from the CS 1.6 era which has never officially made its way into the CS:GO map pool. Last year, some rumours were circling about the internet about an official version of Tuscan in CS:GO. Now, it has been revealed Tuscan will be coming to CS:GO as an official map.

Tuscan official CS:GO version

The official CS:GO version of Tuscan is being worked on right now, as confirmed by the map creators. 

While Valve has yet to make an announcement, the President of DogminationOrg, NorS2021, has revealed Colin "Brute" Volrath and level artist Catfood are working on an official Tuscan version for CS:GO. This announcement comes with the first official Tuscan CS:GO screenshot.

This is great news for fans of the iconic CS 1.6 map, which Valve didn't include in subsequent franchise entries.

Right after the announcement on 24th September, another screenshot of the official Tuscan map for CS:GO was shared by Gabe Follower on Twitter.

Tuscan map official CS:GO
(Picture: Gabe Follower)

The Tuscan map for CS:GO is in the early stages of development, and there are some secret playtests going on.

The map creators are looking for some CS:GO pros, preferably in a top 50 team, to help test the new Tuscan map.

At the time of writing, no release date for Tuscan in CS:GO has been revealed. Further, it is important to note this doesn't mean Valve will just add Tuscan to the official map pool when it releases.