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CSGO Patch Notes (8 Sept) - Camera Exploit, Fixes, Map Changes

Valve has made several map changes and deployed some fixes in the latest CS:GO update released on 8th September 2022, including fixing a camera exploit.
CSGO Patch Notes (8 Sept) - Camera Exploit, Fixes, Map Changes

As ESL Pro League Season 16 rages on, Valve has decided to unleash a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) update in the early morning hours (UTC) on 8th September 2022.

The update isn't considered a major one, making map changes and fixes. However, there are some very interesting general fixes, from a camera exploit being squashed to the game supposedly loading faster. 

Here's what you need to know about the latest CS:GO update as per the official patch notes from Valve.

CS:GO Update 8 Sept - All Fixes & Camera Exploit

CS:GO update patch notes 8 september 2022 map changes fixes player camera exploit bug faster loading steam deck
You won't have to sit and count chickens while CS:GO loads following the latest update. (Picture: Valve)

In terms of general fixes and improvements, the latest CS:GO update patch notes reveals that players should now experience faster loading time. It also fixes a player camera exploit!

Check out all the general fixes from the CS:GO patch notes released on 8th September below:

  • Improved Steam Input support for mouse and keyboard input on Steam Deck.
  • Improved game startup I/O to reduce game launch time.
  • Improved user interface flow when cycling through weapon case items in Agent View (thanks, @AquaIsMissing and @_ale_cs).
  • Fixed an incorrect inventory limit warning shown to users with many items in Storage Units.
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow the player’s camera to become detached from their eye position.

Now, onto the map changes!

CS:GO 8 Sept Patch Notes - All Map Changes

CS:GO update patch notes 8 september 2022 map changes fixes player camera exploit bug faster loading steam deck
Valve has released another round of changes and fixes to Anubis, alongside three other maps. (Picture: Valve)

Valve has made several fixes and changes to four maps. None of these are from the Active Duty Map Pool, so it doesn't effect ongoing esports events such as ESL Pro League Season 16.

Check out all the map changes and fixes in the latest CS:GO update below, as per a blog post by Valve.


  • Added a hip cover on the plateau near B main.
  • Clipped the large stone cover on CT mid for smoother movement.
  • Added a scaffolding on A catwalk to prevent the boost through the window to T stair at the canal. (Thanks poseidonskiy rofls).
  • Allowed players to silently drop down from A long.
  • Fixed stones colliding with the tarp on A catwalk.
  • Removed stone at A sewer.
  • Aligned floating pillar on A with the floor.
  • Removed left-over clips on A main. (Thanks Hentie!).
  • Removed clips on the stairs that bounce off grenades (Thanks Guidetti & dr!zzle).
  • Clipping improvements (Thanks dr!zzle!).
  • Cleaned up clipping under the bridge (Thanks Fnugz for your sacrifice).


  • Fixed pixelwalk on window frame (thanks Kerr).
  • Increased C4 explosion radius.
  • Fixed various visual bugs.


  • Added back a few visual details; ToOpenGL fix shouldn’t be affected; FPS sacrifice is minimal.
  • Angled ladder in lower main; gives cover to Ts and worsens it as a camping spot for CTs.
  • Clipping fixes.
  • Removed self-boost in upper main near the bridge.


  • Renamed Crater to Water Tower.
  • A new water tower has been erected at Water Tower.
  • Changed doors used throughout the map.
  • Added sounds when doors are opened and closed.
  • Gave cannons a new particle effect when firing.
  • Fixed situation where cannonball may not damage players.
  • Actually fixed cannons icon this time.
  • Fixed weapon crate ammo spawning in floor near Apartments.
  • Fixed lots of minor bugs (thanks Joaokaka1998).

So that's it, the complete patch notes for the CS:GO update that Valve dropped in the early morning hours on 8th September 2022. While the map changes are decent, the fixes are the ones to note, with a camera exploit being the main one.

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Featured image courtesy of Valve.