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Nigma Galaxy Docu-Series Details Female CSGO Team's Success Story

Nigma Galaxy's female CSGO team's new doc-series, "Jiggy Biggy Best: A CS:GO Story," follows their journey to becoming champions in 2022.
Nigma Galaxy Docu-Series Details Female CSGO Team's Success Story

Nigma Galaxy is set to release the first episode of their new docu-series Jiggy Biggy Best: A CS:GO Story detailing the success story of their female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team. The series will feature the team’s incredible journey to becoming champions at two major tournaments this year.

The first episode of the documentary series will be released on 14th August 2022 on Nigma Galaxy’s YouTube channel at 7 AM ET | 12 PM BST. Jiggy Biggy Best: A CS:GO Story is extremely important as it highlights the accolades of female esports athletes. Here is some insight about the docu-series.

What to Expect in Nigma Galaxy’s Docu-Series

nigma galaxy female csgo team docuseries jiggy biggy best csgo story
The female CS:GO team of Nigma Galaxy has won three vital competitions in the 2022 calendar. (Picture: Nigma Galaxy)

Nigma Galaxy's female CS:GO team overcame all obstacles to become the champions of two major tournaments this year, including the first season of ESL Impact League in Dallas and the stand-alone ESL Impact tournament in Valencia. Fans will get a glimpse of their preparation for the matches behind the scenes.

The Jiggy Biggy Best: A CS:GO Story docu-series will take fans behind the team’s intense training regime and chemistry, showcasing how far female esports has evolved today. Nigma Galaxy will also share moments of the organization’s support and dedication toward their female CS:GO team.

Nigma Galaxy and Female Esports

nigma galaxy csgo docu series
Nigma Galaxy’s success with their female roster is part of a bigger picture. (Picture: Nigma Galaxy)

Nigma Galaxy’s female CS:GO team has been consistent with their results. Apart from the all-female ESL Impact tournaments, some of their recent achievements include Prime League Female Season 1, Ambush Female Summer Cup 2021, Ambush Female Spring and Winter Cup 2021, and the Female Champions Cup.

In addition, their roster has seen only one change, with Katarína "Kat" Vašková replacing Kelly "KllyVe" Verhaegen in the early months of 2022.

The team’s success extends beyond their trophies and prize money. The athletes have set a powerful example of how female esports is rising and how it will continue to do so in the future. The ESL Women’s CS:GO League has been a fantastic initiative showing how gender differences cannot stop the spirit of competition.

Esports will be bigger and better, with female athletes competing and taking center stage as often as their fellow male athletes.

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Featured image courtesy of Nigma Galaxy.