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CS:GO update 28th January: RMR Sticker Capsules, Elysion map and gameplay updates

Valve has released a new CS:GO update on 28th January 2021, adding 2020 RMR Sticker Capsules, making changes to gameplay as well as the Elysion map.
In the early hours of the morning on 28th January 2021, released a new CS:GO update which adds 2020 RMR Sticker Capsules to the game, while making gameplay adjustments and updating the Elysion map.

At the same time, the developer also gave a 2021 RMR update, and put its foot down when it comes to CS:GO coaches in online matches.

CS:GO 2020 RMR Sticker Capsules

In 2020, the top CS:GO teams in the world competed in RMR events for invitations to a Major Championship. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a CS:GO Major never took place last year.

To celebrate and recognize these top CS:GO teams, Valve has released 2020 RMR Sticker Capsules, which players can now purchase. 

CSGOupdate28Janstickers.jpg?_t=1611814791(Picture: Valve)

These CS:GO Sticker Capsules represent the teams which would have received invites to the Fall Major. They are broken down by their invitation status, namely: Legend, Challenger, and Contender. 

Valve also announced that 50% of the proceeds from the CS:GO 2020 RMR Sticker Capsules will go to directly support the teams.


CS:GO update: Gameplay adjustments

In the latest CS:GO update, Valve made some important gameplay changes to Competitive and Wingman modes.

CSGOupdate28Janinside.jpg?_t=1611814572(Picture: Valve)

First off, if a team has fewer players than the opposing team for 3 or more consecutive rounds in the half, each of the team members will receive a $1000 "Shorthanded Loser Income" following a round loss. This bonus does not apply when a player is kicked.

Sticking with Competitive and Wingman game modes, Valve also added an automatic 2-minute Tech Timeout which will begin when a player disconnects. This timeout will end early if a player abandons or reconnects to a match.

Lastly, pinging will now display the name of the pinged location.


28th January CS:GO patch notes

The rest of the CS:GO patch notes for the 28th January 2021 update adds one command to Danger Zone, and brings several changes and fixes to the Elysion map.

CSGOUpdate28JanElysion.jpg?_t=1611814519(Picture: Valve)

Check out all the remaining patch notes from the latest CS:GO update released on 28th January below.

Danger Zone

  • Added client convar to control automatic parachute behavior. Set cl_parachute_autodeploy 0 to disable automatic parachute activation.



  • Fixed a boost spot near the entrance to A site.
  • Fixed a pixel walk on the door hinges (both doors).
  • Improved the clipping of the roof.
  • Grenades now bounce more predictably off the wall.

A site:

  • Improved the clipping on the A sign.
  • Fixed a pixel walk on top of the wall.
  • Fixed a gap in the center wall on site.
  • Grenades now bounce more predictably off the A sign, Elysion sign, art on the wall, wall in connector, the wall on site and the poles connecting to the roof.

Main hall:

  • Grenades now bounce more predictably off the art work and painting.


  • Fixed a boost spot where players were able to jump on top of the waterfalls.
  • Fixed a pixel walk on the lower levels of middle.
  • Fixed a pixel walk on the light fixtures (not sure how you would get up their but you cannot trust anyone).
  • Grenades now bounce of more predictable of the grey poles inserted in the wall, the wall with the waterfalls and the wall near T spawn.

CT spawn:

  • Fixed a pixel walk on the clock (clock has been made non solid).
  • Fixed a pixel walk on the glass wall.

T spawn:

  • Fixed a pixel walk on the clock (clock has been made non solid).
  • It is no longer possible to jump on top of the light above the desk.

The latest CS:GO update also generally improved the clipping on Elysion.

This is another meaty CS:GO update from Valve, and it is great to see the developer making changes and additions to their popular esports title.