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How to Finish The Tiny Villagers Society in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You'll need to find the Hand Fan and whip up a few recipes to finish The Tiny Villagers Society in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Finish The Tiny Villagers Society in Disney Dreamlight Valley
GINX/Patches Chance

Now that the Mulan realm has arrived, and along with it Mulan and Mushu as potential villagers, there are new Disney Dreamlight Valley friendship quests to take on. As you get to know Mushu and increase his friendship level, your final quest will be The Tiny Villagers Society.

This fun addition brings together all the smallest villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley, those ones you struggle to spot unless you check your map, as the ever-bothersome Scar is causing trouble. We'll go over how to start and complete The Tiny Villagers Society to get the last of Mushu's friendship rewards.

How to Complete The Tiny Villagers Society in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Once you get Mushu into your valley and up to Friendship Level 2, it'll be time to pick his companion focus. You may be stuck with your original choice if this already happened, but make sure to grab Mining if you're planning ahead, as it's often the fastest way to get a character to Level 10. While you can use manuals to change their companion focus, this is only possible after a character reaches Level 10 with their originally selected focus.

Other great ways to spike his Friendship Level are ensuring you deliver all three Favorite Gifts each day, playing Scramblecoin each day, hanging out with Mushu, and keeping an eye on when he's in Chez Remy if you aren't hanging out with him. Serving an order to someone at Chez Remy tends to give a big Friendship Level boost, so that's worth watching for.

Once you have Mushu to Level 10 and have unlocked Scar, Woody, Buzz, Stitch, and Remy, you'll kickoff The Tiny Villagers Society. Thankfully, the early stages are pretty simple. Go chat with the other tiny Villagers, and afterwards Mushu will task you with making some Tiny Chairs for their meeting. You just need Softwood, Iron Ingot, and Fabric for these.

Miniature Leek Soup Recipe

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Before they can have the meeting, you'll need to chat with Remy about a meal. He'll give you a Miniature Leek Seed which can be planted anywhere, and fortunately you can water it right away and it should be harvestable.

Be careful not to mess up the recipe, as wasting the Miniature Leeks might risk glitching the quest if where it can't be completed. Gather the following for the Miniature Leek Soup recipe:

  • 3x Miniature Leeks
  • 3x Butter
  • 3x Onion
  • 3x Mushroom

You can purchase the Butter at Chez Remy, Onion Seeds are at the Goofy's Stall in the Forest of Valor, and Mushrooms can be harvested as a wild crop from the Glade of Trust. Once you have them all together, cook the meal and meet at Mushu's house to continue.

Hand Fan Location in Mulan Realm

Screenshot _51458_

After you attend the first meeting of The Tiny Villagers Society, Mushu will put you on a quest to locate a Hand Fan. You'll need to head back to the Mulan realm and take a look around the Training Camp.

If you walk through the front entrance of the Training Camp, the fan is between the tents on your left-hand side. Pick it up and head back to the valley, and wrapping this one up should be simple and is mostly down to waiting through moments of conversation.

Once you've helped Mushu confront Scar and attended the second Tiny Villagers Society meeting, Mushu will gift you a Tiny Party Set to use for a final photo. Simply place that anywhere in your valley and the final cutscene photo opportunity should appear, after which Mushu will add the Guardian Track Jacket to your Disney Dreamlight Valley wardrobe options.