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Where to find the Royal Pools and Pleasure Gardens in Destiny 2

The Leviathan has two areas tucked away within its barren and decayed halls that players need to access to earn loot in Destiny 2.
Where to find the Royal Pools and Pleasure Gardens in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players are hard at work dissecting everything new Season of the Haunted has to offer. From the debut of Solar 3.0 to the return of Menagerie weapons and Emperor Calus alongside his Leviathan behemoth, there's plenty of content to sink your teeth in.

As soon as players start getting acquainted with Season of the Haunted, they'll quickly find out that the Leviathan, which once played host to Destiny 2's first raid, can be accessed as a free roam area.

Unlike other patrol zones, there's no actual map that can guide Guardians through every nook and cranny. With the game requiring you to visit both the Pleasure Gardens and Royal Pools, some are puzzled as to where these places are within the Leviathan.

Finding them will let you use Opulent Keys on chests granted from the Nightmare Containment activity, which rewards players with returning Menagerie weapons. So how do you exactly get to both the Pleasure Gardens and Royal Pools?

Pleasure Gardens location in Destiny 2

Despite what you might think, it's actually surprisingly easy to find both spots. First off, land on the Leviathan by using the Castellum option, which prioritizes free roaming over completing the Nightmare Containment activity.

As soon as you spawn, head towards the middle of the courtyard and circle around the Calus statue until you find a big gate on the other side of it. Take a look at the image down below for reference.

destiny 2 leviathan garden pools
Both the Royal Pools and Pleasure Gardens are beyond this door. (Picture: Bungie)

Now that you spotted the entrance, simply walk through its narrow corridor and you'll eventually find yourself in the Pleasure Gardens!

destiny 2 pleasure gardens
The Pleasure Gardens look all but pleasurable. (Picture: Bungie)

Royal Pools location in Destiny 2

Now that you've made your way to the Pleasure Gardens, it's time to find the Royal Pools.

From the point you entered, head straight to the left until you find an open gate, you can't miss it as it's the only one open in the entire section.

royal pools destiny 2
The Royal Pools lie beyond this door. (Picture: Bungie)

Once more, the narrow pathway will lead you to the Royal Pools. Both rooms are familiar locales for Destiny 2 veterans, as two Leviathan raid encounters took place within their walls.

royal pools destiny 2
The Royal Pools could use some maintenance. (Picture: Bungie)

Now that you know how to reach both the Pleasure Gardens and Royal Pools, the grind for Menagerie weapons is on. Of course, you'll need to find Opulent Keys by completing the Nightmare Containment activity, so best of luck, Guardian!

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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