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How to get the Secant Filaments in Destiny 2

Add the Secant Filaments exotic to your Warlock arsenal in Destiny 2.
How to get the Secant Filaments in Destiny 2

The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 brought plenty of new exotics like the Secant Filaments into the mix for players to add to their own arsenal. Since release, some exotics have drifted out of importance, while others have remained integral to PvE and PvP alike.

Secant Filaments are a part of the latter group that continues to shine within in the meta due to the powerful passive that the leg armour brings. Swapping out exotic armour is always a major choice that affects a build, and the filaments are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their Rifts on the Warlock.

Destiny 2 - Earning the Secant Filaments exotic

There are two main methods to earn the Secant Filaments exotic in Destiny 2. One of the options is a straightforward path with a less powerful variant, and the other will take some luck but the reward is better in the end.

destiny 2 secant filaments
Go through Ikora or the Lost Sectors for the reward. (Picture: YouTube / True Vanguard)

The more straightforward path is to take on the main campaign for The Witch Queen expansion. However, you'll need to make it through the entire story on Legend difficulty in order to qualify for the leg pieces. If you can make it through the more difficult campaign as a Warlock, then you can head to Ikora within The Enclave.

She will reward you with a guaranteed Secant Filaments exotic, but the trade-off is the overall power. Levels on the item will start off lower than if you were to find the armour in a roll. The silver lining is that the armour will become available in more collection loot pools once it's been unlocked once.

For those that want to go for a higher level Secant Filaments with more power, then a different route is needed. Lost Sectors are the name of the game in this regard, and you'll have to run them solo in hopes of the leg armour. The catch is that these Lost Sectors must also be done on Master or Legend level difficulties.

destiny 2 secant filaments devour.
Devouring Rift is the star ability earned. (Picture: YouTube / Above)

Not only is earning the filaments a random roll, but you'll also have to stay on the lookout for a daily rotation that includes the right difficulty and the correct loot pool within Destiny 2. If you can lock down the correct rotation, then the next step is to complete the Lost Sector and earn a set of filaments with more power and recovery.

Regardless of the route that you choose, the Devouring Rift ability is fantastic in plenty of situations. The ability is activated any time a Warlock uses an Empower Rift. In this state, you and your allies will all deal damage that can disrupt enemies.

That's all there is to know about the Secant Filaments in Destiny 2. Best of luck in the route you choose to get them!


Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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